It is quite easy to achieve a high number of page views on your blog by simply taking the right approach. As all bloggers will tell you, it is more encouraging for them to have more read other posts in their blog; they actually love it when people spend more time on their blogs. So what does it really take to increase the page views of your blog? What do you need to clearly convey your message to the reader in a clear manner? Let’s find out in the article below

If you have been involved in blogging for a while, then you understand the issues between using RSS feeds – full or partial application. No doubt that the partial feeds can work well for traffic and page views. But partial feeds are an effective means to minimize, or prevent, other marketers from swiping your content. It basically helps you with the copyright issues that may come up with your blog. There is a small trade-off with partial feeds, and that is some people are averse to them. Of course what you decide is your business decision, and it is one you have to make on your own. Every internet marketer knows about social networking and social media, and we have all heard about using Twitter. Using Twitter you can easily boost your blog’s page views and take them to the next level when you resort to frequent tweeting. You have to tweet really relevant and useful information for this to be effective. Be sure to mix up your tweets between social purposes and information related to business. Besides leveraging Twitter, you should also try using Facebook where you can have a dedicated fan page for your blog. Whenever you update a new post on your blog, you can simply make an update on Facebook along with Twitter, which will send you a bigger surge of traffic.

On your blog, be sure you keep the search capability in the prominent place it usually is. The default position for it is a good place to keep it because it is easy for everybody to see. If somebody wants to find something about a topic, then they can search and you will gain additional page views. Bear in mind that all of this will take time, and you have to be patient to increase your page views.

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