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Forgiveness is that quality in an individual which separates him in the animals and also the lower forms of living beings. To preach forgiveness is a straightforward task but so that you can practice forgiveness in real life may be the essence of life.

Merely a person with extreme humbleness imbibed within and a sense of compassion for his compatriot is able to practice forgiveness! To be able to forgive requires that the forgiver forgoes all the sufferings of history that could happen to be inflicted upon him through the gruesome acts from the indulgent. A difficult task indeed but not something that cannot be practised!

In most circumstances one may not have access to committed any sin, still practising forgiveness brings within us a sense of extreme calm and compassion for the mankind generally. Practice of forgiveness normally cannot be practiced by the common man for this requires practising patience to its extreme.

If we are to attain our goal of life… we simply cannot manage to cling onto events of history… happenings which cannot be reversed by us using any means. We can’t travel back in its history to undo the events of the past. Why don’t you practice forgiveness and forgive those ignorant denizens of the society who practiced ill will and caused injury to the society.

Forgiving the ignorant is the greatest policy… it clears us of the debris of history! Indulgence in the ugly residual remembrances of the past results in anger. Why destroy our body and health by harbouring the evil thoughts of history.

Knowing well that we cannot undo the events of history… we should brace ourselves for the times ahead! So that you can peacefully practice in our we need to stick to the dictates of forgiveness to its extreme! There aren’t any allowances in the field of forgiveness. It needs to be total surrender!

Practising forgiveness may be the biggest boon to mankind from God master. One can exercise this power and take the larger goals of life by discriminating between your pros and cons. Harbouring ill will against one never yields positive results.

In the present times when the values in the society have been in their lowest ebb we have to exercise this special power of discrimination (practising forgiveness) quite often. We have not one other remedy if we are to rise to a higher bracket in life.

Every successful person in life practices forgiveness to its extreme. Whether or not this was Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy or Margaret Thatcher and Bill Gates for instance… all were and therefore are the best practitioners of forgiveness in their life.

Forgiveness just can’t be preached… it has to be practiced in totality! Only then shall we be in a position to benefit from the fruits of practising forgiveness in the present life. All of the Man Gods from the yester era… Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed practiced forgiveness constantly from a really young age.

Practising forgiveness provides you with an edge over your contemporary… it will help maintain the sanity of the person. Forgiveness reduces the element of hate which follows whenever wanton desires get practiced.

Citing an example-

One Yogi (a renowned seeker of spirituality) was one day using a bath on the fringe of a swollen river which in fact had flooded. It so happened that due to the flood one scorpion happened to drift by. On seeing the plight from the scorpion it might die… the Yogi picked it up in the hand but immediately needed to do away for that scorpion gave a piercing poisonous bite.

Unmindful from the bite the Yogi again picked up the scorpion and again the scorpion bit his hand. This happened thrice. One passerby who was conscious of the spiritual accomplishments from the Yogi couldn’t contain himself and coming near the Yogi enquired of him why he was trying to help the nasty scorpion.

The reply through the Yogi made the onlooker flabbergasted. It wasn’t to be believed for that Yogi had replied, “when this poor scorpion (a much lower degree of species on the plane of evolution) is not able to forget about his practice of biting one… how could the Yogi let go of his practice of helping one. What a great practitioner of compassion and forgiveness this Indian Yogi was.

Regardless of being bitten thrice… he was able to practice forgiveness because of the feeling of compassion within. This is how forgiveness could be truly defined. A genuine practitioner of forgiveness never thinks of the outcomes from the acts by the other but remains focused on the finish goal of his life… always and ever! This can help one develop the strength of forgiveness… true compassion to be practiced in daily life.

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