Because of the style of the game, there is no way for you to prevent injuries in hockey unless you have a good knowledge of all the safety tips. There are all sorts of issues including hard rubber pucks that get frozen in advance to hockey sticks flying about and sharp blades on skates. You will suffer with a good bruise at the very least if you get hit by a puck. If that’s the only injury you sustain in hockey, you will consider yourself very lucky. Then there are other problems that can arise such as sprains, muscle pulls and so on. There are certainly a wide variety of dangers that are always present in hockey. That is why hockey players always need to be fully aware of what is going on all the time. We will present you with a few hockey safety tips that are critical in protecting you against any serious damage.

There is neck protective gear available though many leagues do not require it. They may not be required but neck protection is a good bet. Hockey moves at a very rapid speed and many things can happen on the ice. There are quite frequently close quarters action involving hockey sticks and flying pucks. It’s no major feat for a neck to be slashed in the process. In addition to this it is easy for players to fall to the ice while others are skating around at high speeds. Skate blades become risky business at times like this.

Undoubtedly, you like having your teeth and would rather see them stay in your mouth. For this reason, a mouth-guard is a critical piece of safety equipment you need to wear. However, you will be shielding more than just your teeth from getting damaged. We know that your gums, lips and tongue are also important to you.

If a puck comes flying at you and hits you in the mouth or you get a stick in the face, you will sustain some injuries. But your mouth-guard will at least keep your teeth from getting knocked out. This type of damage will obviously lead to the requirement of some dental work.

Whether you play hockey yourself or have a child in the sport, these hockey tips will help you play it safe. That kind of information is invaluable for avoiding injury and being able to play hockey for as long as possible during the regular season. If you are the parent of a child who will be playing hockey for the first time, then you really do need to learn as much as possible. Protective gear only protects from some of the dangers of hockey. Keep in mind that not all leagues have the same rules regarding safety.

It is critical that you play hockey as safely as you can. This doesn’t mean that you should not be playing a hard game, it simply means that you should have the best safety gear possible and also take heed of all the hockey safety tips mentioned.

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