Early childhood development is an amazing subject. The complexity of how a child goes from being a zygote to a functioning adult in just a few years is fascinating. There is a lot more to infancy than you might think. Babies are adorable and very complicated beings. They have their own sets of wants and needs that must be met to ensure that they develop properly. There is so much more to infancy development than most people realize. The more you know about how your child is growing, the better you will be at parenting!

An infant’s body is made up of three hundred individual bones. When a person becomes an adult there are only two hundred and six bones in his or her body. This makes it sound like the bones disappear but the truth is that many of the bones that are separate at birth fuse together into larger bones as children grow up. Many believe that this is one of the main reasons that a baby is so much more flexible physically as an adult-because the bones are able to move independently of one another in infancy. When you see how easily babies can move and compare it to your own physical limitations this might be a plausible theory for you. Even while a baby is in the womb he can hear sounds, but you already know that. Doctors have proven that babies can hear and react to the sounds that they hear-sometimes very strongly! Did you know, though, that decibel levels are just as important while the baby is in the womb as it is once the baby is born? The ears of an unborn infant are extremely sensitive. Most doctors agree that while a woman is pregnant and that while her baby is still young that she keeps all of the sounds in her house to levels quieter than her vacuum cleaner. If you must listen to loud music, wear headphones as this will cut down on the noise inflicted on your baby considerably-some doctors even think that vacuum cleaners are too loud so keep the noise to a dull roar as much as you can.

Did you know that at one point your baby had a tail? That is no lie! Your baby’s tail starts to form at the same time that the other organs like the brain and the heart and the lungs begin to develop.

As your baby grows inside of you the rest of his body develops and the tail usually ends up disappearing-it sort of blends in to the rest of the body as it grows. The whole process is similar to the way tadpoles grow up to be tail-less frogs. Not everyone completely outgrows their tails-some people are born with tails that are still partially intact. Surgical removal and waiting for it to be grown into are the two options that are available to parents whose babies are born with intact tails. Thankfully, the tail has no bearing on the rest of the child’s health and can be removed without worry.

You will be astounded by all of the things that you can learn about babies. Sure you probably already know that babies develop really quickly. But do you know just how they develop? Has anybody told you just how many changes occur between when your baby is conceived and when he or she has a baby of his or her own? Your knowledge of babies is already expanding-don’t you want to learn more about this fascinating subject?

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