Be careful who you choose because many “credit repair” companies collect money from consumers for credit repair services, but the services they perform are nothing more than mailing the credit bureaus simple dispute letters.
Some companies perform minimal disputes only, for example it might be disputed that the item really doesn’t belong to the consumer or that the consumer never really went late on the derogatory item. The hope is that the creditor will not respond to the dispute and the items will be removed off the credit report as a result. These types of credit disputes depend on creditor ignorance or human error to be effective.
Over the last few years the credit bureaus have wised up to these Free Credit Repair methods. To counter, the credit bureaus now use sophisticated computer systems named E-Oscar and OCR.
The credit bureau’s E-Oscar and OCR computers sniff out letters which appear to come from credit companies and then automatically respond to those disputes calling them frivolous. The credit bureaus’ E-Oscar computer then electronically processes the dispute nearly eliminating human error.
The credit bureau computers now render these types of disputes minimally effective. Some items will get deleted to simply be placed back on the report a short time later, and typically the only accounts that will be permanently removed are older accounts creditors no longer care about.
BUT, all hope is not lost…
TRUE Free Credit Repair Florida is actually very effective, but it also is time consuming. Accounts have to be disputed to the credit bureaus in a mythological manner and the most effective disputes are done direct with the creditor themselves.
There are hundreds of consumer protection laws such as FACTA, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, HIPPA, The Fair Credit Billing Act, and many more which can be used to get your negative credit items removed from your report.
Many creditors blatantly ignore and violate multiple Federal laws with the hopes that you will not have the knowledge or time to be able to challenge them.
Most people don’t possess the legal knowledge to defend themselves. You would have to spend endless time learning all of the hundreds of consumer protection laws to know enough to challenge your creditors successfully on your own.
But, using these creditor Federal law violations as leverage to force the creditor to delete the negative items is a VERY effective tactic to use to repair your credit. Credit companies who use this tactic and participate in direct creditor disputing typically see deletion rates of 70% or higher.
The drawback is in order to effectively dispute and delete your negative accounts, you will spend countless hours learning how to dispute and delete your negative credit items. Or you can find a highly recommended professional company to do it for you instead. But make sure you find a reputable company.
There are only a few 100% legal credit companies in the U.S. One of the most well known companies who produce the strongest and fastest results is Elite Credit Inc out of the Tampa Florida area ( I have personally seen their dispute methods and results, and even I am impressed. You won’t find faster or stronger results at such a low price anywhere else that I have seen.
Or you can visit online credit forums and start learning how to go at it alone. Whatever you decide to do, DON’T decide to do NOTHING at all. Bad credit is estimated to cost an individual consumer over $1,000,000 in a 30 year time period.
Strong dispute methods should remove over 70% of your negative items, and this could be the difference between you just struggling living paycheck to paycheck or living the life of your dreams.
Get started now with fixing your own credit, or hire a professional to do it for you. Whichever you chose, stop delaying and get started today on rebuilding your credit profile and your financial security.

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Blake Kinsing has spent over 13 years in the finance and credit arenas. He has been solely responsible for lending millions of dollars to consumers in need. Blake has also spent much of his career helping his clients overcome finance and credit issues. He has been operating his own Credit Forum for 7 years teaching others how to repair their own credit. Blake has spoken in front of groups of realtors and mortgage professionals about credit and Free Credit Repair Tampa. Blake prides himself as being a true advocate for consumer credit rights. He is viewed as one of the top credit authorities in the country, with thousands who loyally follow his advice and receive his popular credit newsletter. You can visit Blake’s credit log for more

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