With all the talk of iPhone 5 coming out, you might forget that it’s still possible to get older, lower priced models such as the iPhone 3GS smart phone. In fact, now is the perfect time to buy the phone since the AT&T is offering so many promotional prices on them. However, before you buy this smart phone or any of the others on the market, you should get familiar with the primary features it has.

One of the advantages of the latest smart phones is the ability they give you to multitask. There are so many features on a phone such as the iPhone 3GS that you may very often want to do more than activity at the same time. There is no specific function that allows you to multitask – you just choose one or more things to do and they will happen simultaneously.

You can listen to MP3s while sending emails or using your web browser, for example. This is no different than using a laptop computer except that it is being done on your iPhone. You don’t have to keep an app open for it to continue working, so if you’re uploading photos to Flickr but want to do something else, you can close the Flickr app but it will keep working.

One of the main problems with people getting smart phones is that the cost is way too high. It basically comes down to whether or not the features that you want to have are worth the price. Right now, however, you can get an iPhone 3GS smart phone for $49, which is considerably less than what you’d normally pay for any kind of smart phone. If you sign a two-year contract with AT&T, you can get this kind of a bargain.

An exceptionally good option for a phone of this quality, especially an iPhone. Getting a mobile phone is an essential necessity in today’s world, and even though you have a contract, it is a bill you have to pay so why not get an iPhone at this low price.

With the iPhone 5 just down the road, and iPhone 4 already available, you might wonder why you should get the obsolete iPhone 3GS.

This is something you have to answer for yourself, but it really comes down to how you’re going to be using your phone. Most of the time, people will buy electronic merchandise that is way too advanced for them in the first place. Advanced features like simultaneous talking and surfing, high resolution images, and better video, are things you might miss on the previous iPhone model. With more advanced iPhones you can also make video calls, which you can’t do on the iPhone 3GS. You can find all kinds of cellular phones and the iPhone 3GS smart phone is primarily appealing to fans of Apple products. For example, is is incredibly easy to sync your iPhone with any other Apple devices you might own like your computer, your iPod or your iPad. Obviously you can use your iPhone with computers that are Windows based because iTunes also works with PCs.

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