The HTC 7 Mozart smart phone might be on your radar if you’re seeking a high quality phone. If you have a Windows based PC, you might like this phone, which uses a compatible Windows OS. There are many factors to consider when buying a smart phone, and this review is designed to give you some helpful info about the HTC 7 Mozart.

There are some advantages to the latest Windows phone OS, and it’s generally considered to be an improvement over earlier versions. Social networking is simple on this Windows OS, and it integrates nicely with Facebook. So many people use this social network as their main way of staying in touch with people online that it’s useful to be able to do this easily on your phone. If people are on your phone contact list and also Facebook members, you can then read their FB updates by pressing one button. Phones such as the HTC 7 Mozart are making it possible to stay in touch with friends on social media sites whenever you want. The Windows email system is also quite efficient, so you can quickly read and send emails from your phone whenever you want. So this phone can act as your computer no matter where you are.

Windows-based phones like the HTC 7 Mozart now have more apps that you can use with this phone, something that was once limited to only Androids and I phones. Handling calls has never been easier than using the Attentive Phone application. Anyone going into a noisy area will still be able to hear their call if they use this app because it will kick into “pocket mode” and increase the ringer volume for you automatically. The speakerphone option on this app, called “flip for speaker”, is great for people that love to use the speakerphone. When you finally do download the Attentive Phone application, it will make your smartphone even easier to use.

You have to keep in mind that the HTC 7 Mozart uses the Windows operating system, as this may influence your feeling about it. While earlier smart phones with Windows OS were not enthusiastically received, the W7 OS, which the HTC 7 Mozart uses, is considered to be quite good. You can now find an increasing number of apps for Windows phones, just as you can for Androids or iPhones.

Apps are one of the advantages of smart phones, as they’re usually free or low cost, so having lots of them being made for your phone is always a good thing. If you’ve got a PC, this will work smoothly with your HTC 7 Mozart, especially if you use popular Microsoft applications such as Word. You now have lots of options if you’re shopping for a smart phone. The main battle among smart phone models has mostly been between Androids and iPhones, but the field is now expanding. With smart phones like the HTC 7 Mozart, we can see that phones with a Windows OS can be just as good as anything else.

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