Hair loss is something that millions of men struggle with. Although it is a fact of life for a large majority of men, it can still be very difficult to cope with. Because our hair is considered to be our crowning glory and a sign of youth, vitality and health, hair loss can be a devastating experience.

Before understanding how to effectively treat baldness, it is first important to understand the reasons men lose their hair. For most men, the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the main culprit behind baldness. In fact, DHT is the cause of around 95% of all hair loss.. As men get older, more and more DHT is produced. This hormone essentially attacks and kills the hair follicles, resulting in male pattern baldness.

Several shampoos and other products on the market today make enticing claims and promises to generate new hair growth through topical treatment. But because the hair follicles are dead rather than blocked or suffering from poor circulation, no amount of topical applications will be able to bring hair back to life or generate new growth. And with the possibility of allergic reactions to chemicals, topical treatments are not only ineffective, but may also even prove to be risky as well.

Cure Baldness the Right Way

For men who want to cure baldness naturally, the most effective option is hair transplantation. This procedure does not involve any harmful creams, tonics or other chemical topical treatment. Hair transplantation uses your own hair to replace the hair you’ve lost. Even as DHT levels increase and damage follicles throughout the scalp, there is a horseshoe section of hair located around the back of the head that is genetically resistant to DHT and hair loss. Through hair transplantation, hair follicles from this DHT resistant area are removed and transplanted to balding and thinning areas of the head. The removal of hair from this horseshoe shaped area does not affect future growth in that area and will not create a new bald spot, as that area is genetically preprogrammed to continue growing over the course of one’s lifetime.

Hair transplants are a relatively simple procedure performed in-office, and because it is your own hair rather than a hairpiece, the result is not only permanent, but natural-looking as well.

For more information on a cure for male baldness through hair transplantation, contact a qualified hair transplant physician for a complete consultation and evaluation today

Hair transplantation is currently the only permanent hair loss solution for people looking for a cure for male baldness.

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