India or Bharath is the fate of the Millennium, a land of all seasons where beauty attracts, echoes of culture, the diversity of pleasures and tradition talks. Those who come to India are greeted with a friendly Namasthe, Namaskaaram, Sat Sri Akal Vanakkam or denotes the hospitality, warmth and respect – a tradition in keeping with the age old motto of the country “Athidhi Devo Bhava” where it is the guest as God. Intervals blessed with mountain mist dress, a deep blue seas, enigmatic deserts, golden beaches, emerald green valleys, palm backwaters on the one hand and unique art forms, exciting fairs and festivals, interesting pilgrim centers, sites unique heritage, royal fortresses, majestic monuments, architectural marvels and exotic flora and fauna, on the other, this legendary land is unique in all aspects. India is one among the top five tourist attractions in the world with a huge increase in tourist traffic all year round. Discover and explore this wonderful peninsular subcontinent that is India, the land that projects Unity in Diversity – surrounded by high snow capped Himalayan Mountains in the north, the spectacular coastline offered by the Arabian Sea in the west, Great Bay of Bengal in the east, and the stunning Indian Ocean in the south ..

The wealth of heritage and culture of the fairs and festivals, beautiful monuments and above all the friendly people of India make the country a haven for tourism. India is a target of 365 vacation days and is a perfect place for all the interest of any tourist. Sea Cultural Tours, Heritage Tour, visit pilgrimage visit to the Himalayas, for adventure, leisure accommodation in the south of India and the beaches of Goa, Spa and Meditation Tour to rejuvenate or visit honeymoon. India has everything to make your visit one of the best of his life.

North India tour packages offer adventure tours in the Indian Himalayas, desert safari in Rajasthan, Cultural Tour of North India, Rajasthan heritage tours, wildlife tours north India, travel and leisure honeymoon in beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh, etc.

South India package holidays have always attracted visitors from all over the world due to the variety available for passengers. South India temple tour, Kerala backwater tours, Heritage tours in South India, Ayurveda tours in South India, etc are the best options for you to know.

less explored destinations but very important for the Travel packages in Central India are a delight to explore. Wildlife discovery, trips Heritage, Culture tours, tribal tours, pilgrimage sites and much more ….

The beautiful cities of western India offers cultural tours of India, beach travel India, Gujarat Heritage tours, safari in Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park and more … Blessed with some of the most beautiful places, tradition and great people full of life and festivities, the cities of eastern India tour includes the tall, handsome Indian Himalaya, pilgrimage tours in Orissa, India tribal tours East Kaziranga National Park tours, cruise tours in India, etc.

Cultural Tourism in India – India is a land of intense spirituality and religious faith can be experienced throughout the country. Some of the cultural tour packages for Golden Triangle with Kashmir Paradise Tour, Rajasthan tribal tour, Essence of Gujarat, etc.
Pilgrimage Tourism India – India is a country of many hues, a land of all religions in the world. Some of the packages of tourist pilgrimage north of India Pilgrimage Tour, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, Sikh Pilgrimage tourism, etc.

Wildlife Tourism – Chile is considered one of the best places in gaming jungle and tiger reserves that offers impressive variety of wildlife. Some of the Wildlife Tour Packages are the best of the wildlife of Gujarat, Bird Watching Tour of India, Trans Himalayan Safari etc.

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