Intercoms are something that many of us have seen in movies and in police patrol cars. From the remote control-size intercoms to the modern day sleek ones, intercom has become one of the most useful gadgets in the security industry. Now, intercoms are not only used by police officers but also at homes. Many might think that intercoms are not the necessary security devices, but there are various reasons for which intercoms can be used at homes. There are mainly two important purposes for which intercoms can be used at home: it can be used for communication within home without yelling from one end of the house to the other (especially when it is a large house) and it also helps in securing your home.
There are two types of intercoms that can be used for home security, they are: hard wired and wireless intercoms. The hardwired intercoms can be connected to home phones and it can be used for answering door bells, attend calls, paging, rooms can be monitored and can also be used as a trigger alarm. For this to work, a security alarm system has to be installed to support it. The entire system has to be installed properly for it to connect together and work when the situation calls for it, you can either do it by yourself or call in professionals to do the job for you. Wireless intercoms can also be used for the same purposes but the difference between hard wired intercoms and wireless intercoms are that the later is more portable than the other.
Installation is important when it comes to intercoms; the most effective way to install is read through the manual that comes with the system when it is purchased. Even a small mistake in installation would lead the intercom system dysfunction. Though the intercom system can be installed by yourself with the user manual as your guide, when you are unsure about your installation then the best option is to call in the professionals and make sure that everything is installed correctly. When it comes to the security of your home, it is always better to be safe rather than be sorry later.
The best way of securing homes with intercoms is to have a home phone intercom system. Though it is offered by many Security Systems like ADT Security Systems, it is always better to do your research in the market. Compare prices and feature offered between companies and the quality provided by each, if the prices that they have quoted is worthy of the product, etc. invest a little with your security system, so even if it is a little more than your budget go for the security system if it has a good quality irrespective of it being a hardwired home intercom system or a wireless intercom system. Since there are so many options available to choose from, take your time and invest a little more than you budget if you feel the product is worthy enough.
Nowadays there are so many more options that come with intercom home alarm systems. There are also so many security devices that come along with the home phone intercom system nowadays. There are voice and music intercoms available; there are also custom-made intercom systems with voice-only facility, systems that get video entry, enable computer networking, connection to security cameras, and have recorders and remote monitoring, etc. so now there are so many options available, never do the mistake of opting for all the features. Choose features that serve best for your home instead of paying for features that you are never going to use for your home.

Samantha Kirk is a freelance writer and an active blogger. She lives in an apartment secured by ADT Security Systems. She also enjoys traveling and goes off to places in her free time.

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