Weight training can be tricky for beginners especially those who take the wrong advice from unqualified trainers.

Weight training can be tricky for beginners especially those who take the wrong advice from unqualified trainers. In fact, weight training could be a mere waste of time if the right procedures are not followed. Weight training could mean spending many hours on the gym wasting time or spending a few hours doing the right thing. However frequently you might go for training, there are certain mistakes that could hinder you from gaining the muscle. If you want to see the results of your routine training avoid the soon to be mentioned common mistakes. These common mistakes are not for book keeping nor are they meant to give your trainer a run for his money they should be put into practice by weight training beginners.

For starters, the misconception that the longer the hours you spend on the gym, the more effective the results is false. With longer training hours a person ends up getting tired really quickly and uses less strength meaning the training becomes less effective compared to someone who has trained for a shorter period. An efficient exercise plan is enough to improve your muscle mass.

Another important tip for weight training beginners is that of doing proper routine. It is one thing to emulate what the biggest guys in the gym are doing and it is another to actually feel what they are feeling in their muscles. A shocking fact is that the actual moves rarely matter what actually matters is the muscle feel. The trick lies in making the muscle absorb all the weight you lift in the moves something that can be done by focusing the mind. This is the so called mind-to –muscle- connection. Make sure the instructor directs you on the right way to carry out that routine and do not focus on repetition without feeling the muscle moves.

Observe a weight training plan that suits you because a technique that works for one person might not necessarily work out for another. The mistake that people make is avoiding signs and signals that the body puts across as a way of rejecting certain techniques. If you want to avoid getting sick, you better listen to what your body is saying. If it is time to stop then you would rather stop lest you collapse. A common sign of the body shutting down due to vigorous training is when the heart beats increases abnormally. There are mornings where the heartbeat can be higher than usual which could simply mean that you haven’t had enough rest. Take this advice and rest instead of going to the gym.

Some beginners look for muscle gain but end up with muscle injuries. A major cause of muscle injury is training with more than enough loads. Lifting the loads should never cause you to strain. The load size should be increased considerably depending on a person’s mass. The muscle should be highly capable of lifting that load to avoid the risk of a muscle injury.

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