In January this year, enquiries for international removals company Anglo Pacific were up an amazing 45% on the comparable period in 2011. When splitting the particular figures for Australia alone, this raised to 60%. Fresh legislation effective 1 July 2012 that will make it more difficult to acquire permanent residency within australia is considered to be responsible for this particular rise in interest.
Jason Diggs, Sales Director for Anglo Pacific, describes, “Whilst January always sparks a peak in traffic as the British public wallows in winter and post-Christmas blues, 2012 has been particularly unusual. The Australian dollar hasn’t weakened, the British housing market hasn’t strengthened and we’ve seen no mass advertising campaigns or migration events backed by the Australian Government. All fingers seem to point therefore at the biggest change to Australia’s skilled migration programme since the points test was introduced 33 years ago – SkillSelect. From 1 July applicants will face an invitation-only visa system with no guarantee of permanent residency. The message to would-be migrants is to get in your application now and, judging by our enquiry levels, it would appear that the message is coming through loud and clear.”
Whilst the current system makes it possible for anyone that complies with eligibility conditions on elements to apply for a visa, according to SkillSelect emigre will have to primary go through a skills assessment as well as English test before sending an Expression of Interest (EOI) and hopefully be placed inside a skills “pool”. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will invite the most able minded prospects with the largest points tallies in the pool to apply for a skilled migration visa within 60 days. Demand for various abilities will change state-to-state however expect to see nursing, construction and engineering to continue to be sought-after.
Jason proceeds, “There are several real downsides to SkillSelect. The first is that applicants can remain in this pool for up to two years and never have any guarantee of being invited to progress any further making it hard to form any kind of long-term family or career plans. Once those two years have expired, another EOI must be lodged. Secondly quotas will exist for the number of skilled workers from each sector allowed in the pool each year to stop it from being dominated by certain occupations. Lastly an EOI is not a visa application and therefore will not count as bridging visa. However, if a visa is granted under the existing points system, candidates have a five year window to make the move, so it’s well worth doing the paperwork now even if you’re not quite ready to make the physical leap.”
Anglo Pacific sponsors the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) which represents above two thousand registered migration agencies globally. Communications Manager Brian Duff details, “Over the past three years the UK has been Australia’s first or second largest source country for migrants in every major category, except student visas, and it has been of historic importance for immigration. Pull factors such as the climate, way of life and relative economic stability have kept them coming in big numbers. SkillSelect could help Brits to gain greater access to employer sponsorship as their qualifications are more evident and skills more transferable than migrants from arguably any other country.”
Brian continues, “Statistics produced by the DIAC show that there has been a significant decrease, 52% over three years, in the number of General Skilled Migration entrants from the UK but demonstrable increases, 61% over three years, in Employer Sponsored types of visa. At the MIA we fully expect this trend to become more pronounced over coming years as General Skilled Migration is virtually eliminated and Australia proceeds with a much more demand-driven programme. And, by limiting the number of people invited to apply for visas, processing times should dramatically drop.”
Not surprisingly it’s not only removals enquiries that were up by 60% in January; job sign ups via the Anglo Pacific jobseeker program were up by a comparable 60% year-on-year. If you would like to register your Resume online, free of charge, check out and we’ll connect your talent with professional employers to assist get the ball rolling on a move Down Under – or indeed to Nz or Southern Africa. For removals phone calls contact Anglo Pacific on 020 8838 8081, e-mail or visit
About Anglo Pacific – As the UK’s most significant independent overseas removals business, Anglo Pacific handles about 20,000 baggage shipments along with overseas removals yearly. An identified industry leader for shipping to Australia, shipment to Nz, shipping to The united states, shipping to Canada and shipping to South Africa, Anglo Pacific have been recognized for longer than 30 years and has an unrivalled good reputation for friendly, expert and reputable container shipping services. What’s more, as a fully bonded member of the British Association of Removers, clients’ personal belongings couldn’t be in more secure hands.

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