There are a lot ways to get more views to your videos on YouTube, but unless and until you put in targeted and consistent effort to actually take action on these methods, they won’t work. The article below talks about a few easy to apply, actionable tips that you can use to get better views on YouTube.

Create More Help Videos: Certain kinds of videos are more likely to get widely viewed on YouTube than others. To get viewers to visit your blog or website, one of your best options is to create help or how-to type videos. By creating videos that address a popular issue or problem, you establish yourself as an expert, and viewers looking for further information will be inclined to see what else you have to offer. You should focus on being helpful rather than selling anything in your videos, as this will put viewers in a receptive state and be more open to anything you want to sell them later, when they visit your site. You don’t have to solve every problem under the sun in your video -just focus on one specific one, and this will make viewers hungry for more. Focus on the Best Keywords: If you’re trying to increase your YouTube views, targeting the right keywords is something that’s essential. If you want your video to be properly optimized, it must have a title that uses your primary keyword as well as a description that also includes it. You have to optimize your YouTube videos the same as you would as an article or blog post, so that people searching for your topic will find your video based on your keywords. Optimizing your videos using the most appropriate keywords is one of the most important things you can do to get more views. While you want to use popular keywords, they shouldn’t be too general, as they won’t be focused enough and there will be too much competition. If you want to get more views from viewers who have a strong interest in your topic, you’re best off choosing long tail keywords rather than broad ones.

Questions Can Make Your Videos Popular: There are several ways to make your videos interesting enough that people who watch them are motivated to forward them to others. To get this kind of reaction, you should think of ways to elicit responses from viewers so they want to leave comments and then send the video to their contacts. Rather than making your video an one-way flow of information from you to the viewer, why not ask them questions, which will make them feel like responding?

We’ve explored some effective ways to get more views to your YouTube videos, but remember that there are always more possibilities, so think creatively.

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