With the meteoric rise in E-business, the amount of corporate data and customer information has increased exponentially. It is very difficult to secure your business-critical data against malicious access, online hackers, software bugs and viruses. So make a wise decision and install a backup storage system in your data center. This will provide your business a source to recover data in event of an information disaster. Loss of organizational data poses risk to your business operations, I.T budgets and legal compliance demands.

Medium & small organizations turn to the backup industry’s breakthrough RDX system for securing their vital data assets. The major reason behind the magnificent success of RDX removable disk cartridge technology is the inherited features of tape format. RDX cartridges can be stored off-site and are portable. In short, they behave just like backup tapes. Quantum has in-depth knowledge and enormous experience in data storage industry. Quantum combines its high-media qualification standards with the evolving customer needs.

Quantum RDX has become an industry-favorite solution for fast-paced businesses and branch offices. You can also fulfill your offsite media storage needs, as Quantum RDX cartridges are designed to tolerate extreme conditions. Their durability can be judged by the results of the exhaustive experiment in which they were dropped form a height of 1 meter. You will be amazed to know that Quantum RDX removable disks performed excellently without any interruption, while maintaining supreme reliability.

Quantum offer users more choice with their multiple capacities, which starts from 160GB and has been enhanced significantly to 1.0 TB. As the volume of organizational data is increasing at a fast rate, the SMBs prefer the MR050-A01A (500GB cartridge) and MR100-A01A (1.0 TB disk cartridge). No matter how small or large your organization is, the loyal Quantum customers can be assured of a high-performance backup solution that will surely satisfy their needs at an unbeatable price. It has developed an enormous range of backup systems based on the world’s leading tape technologies.

The USB and SATA models of Quantum RDX dock stations can be conveniently connected to a variety of small to midsized computing environments. Additionally, these dock stations support the leading database applications and backup software. The SATA dock stations are faster than the USB models. Data throughput speed achieved by the RDX SATA dock stations is 45MB/s. The USB models stream data at an average speed of 25MB/s. Both of these data throughput rates are ideal for today’s commercial applications. So save your precious time with fast backup/retrieval operations and enjoy the benefits of efficient data management through random data access.

Archival life of Quantum RDX disks reaches up to 30 years, which is perfect for your organization’s long term storage needs. The dock stations are also specified to deliver excellent performance over a longer time period. Their useful life has been extended to 10000 load/un-load cycles, which is superior to the rival technologies. So improve your security, simplify data management and enjoy fast storage/retrieval operations with this intelligent Quantum RDX system.

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets quantum rdx cartridge and MR100-A01A. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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