Granite worktops are fast becoming your kitchen worktop of preference. Being very difficult wearing, heat resistant, able to be cut to any shape desired and looking absolutely stunning. granite is the ideal choice of material for any kitchen worktop. With countless colours to choose from there is probably one available to match every taste. Just in case there is not there is also a whole selection of manmade quartz engineered stone to select from. The issue for most people however isnt that they wouldnt love a gorgeous solid granite or quartz engineered stone worktop in their new or existing kitchen but they find the cost prohibitive. DIY cutting and installing your own granite or quartz worktop is not really advisable because it is a specialised trade requiring the right tools and expertise. The solution then would be to eliminate the middle man and go direct towards the fabricator. You are not limited to buying your worktops from the showroom where you buy your kitchen. You can DIY project manage your personal new kitchen by cherry picking the best value units, appliances, installer and of course worktop supplier and fitter. Keep in mind that the showrooms dont fabricate or fit the granite or quartz worktops themselves, they simply subcontract the work to the fabricator after which add their mark-up. When it comes to the small independent showrooms this is ordinarily a justifiable and small mark-up reflecting the additional work and responsibility involved, though the large nationals and massive department stores using their massive and bureaucratic ordering process the price is often as almost as much ast two and a half times what you will pay a fabricator direct for the same worktop. Obviously buying through a showroom can give a certain peace of mind that if anything goes wrong it is right down to them to get it sorted out. It is therefore important that you choose a reputable company to supply your worktops. A couple of questions to ask are:Just how long has got the company been established? Most failed companies fold in their first three years, so if a business has survived longer then it must be doing something right. You should check when any limited company was initially registered by visiting and doing a web check on the organization. This is a free service. May be the company VAT registered? If a company turns over more than ?67,000 in a year then they must by law be VAT registered. Therefore if they arent VAT registered then they are either not doing very much work and therefore wont have much experience or have the correct machinery or they will be downloading copyrighted movies.Are they part of any trade organisations? These organisations will vet the company and act as an arbiter if things fail. There are lots of such organisations however the Guild of Mastercraftsmen is one of the longest established and most respected. What sort of machinery does the organization use? Any serious company will be using CNC machinery. These are automatic machines which use computer drawn images to cut and polish shapes in the granite worktops for example polished sink cut-outs with unequalled accuracy. The typical price of one of these simple machines is about ?120,000. Any organization who invest such money in delivering the highest quality product possible is a serious company. Who are you dealing with? Can you go to the company? Every company on the web will promise the highest quality granite, the best craftsmanship and that they have the best equipped factory. But can you visit them and find out types of their work, have a look around their factory and find out the caliber of the stone they will use?Exactly what do previous customers think? Check testimonials and ask trading standards if you will find any upheld complaints from the company. Are their quotes transparent? Are all the fabric and labour cost shown separately? Make sure there are no hidden extras. Some the likes of to advertise what seem like amazing prices but when you look closer they do not include templating or fitting etc. Does the company care about your needs as well as your kitchen? Can they take a pursuit and provide advice or are they just thinking about getting your order?

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