The internet is full of articles on gardening tips for people who do not have a lot of experience with growing things. There are all sorts of websites and articles that have been developed for expert gardeners too! Even gardeners who have won medals like to keep current on gardening trends. New gardeners usually have quite a few ideas about how they think growing tings works.

Many new gardeners are befuddled by all of the contradictory information and ideas that are out there. Learning how to figure out which information is usable and which will cause you to make mistakes will take a while. Here are some tips put together by experts that are designed for new gardeners.

It is a good idea to put together a schedule to follow if you want to grow more than one type of plant. Write down just how often each plant needs to be watered. Write out the number of times you need to add nutrients to each plant’s soil. Map out all of the important stuff on a gardening calendar and then check that calendar every day for instructions. Make sure you add times to weed your garden as well! The advance planning will make sure you don’t forget to do anything that you need to do to make sure that your garden stays healthy. When you are just starting out, a written schedule can be a great help to getting your garden started. Bees are your friends! Even if you hate the idea of having bees near you, you need to learn to deal with them because they are good for your garden. Bees are how pollen gets spread around your garden (which helps the plants grow). Pollen is needed for plants to flower or bear fruit. Basically speaking this means that you just have to get used to being around bees. Making your garden friendly for bees is also a good idea. Planting tomatillos is a great way to attract bees and to keep them busy pollinating your garden. You want to plant at least one tomatillo plant for the bees to swarm in and around and then, if your family members are also fans of tomatillos plant some more in an another area of the garden for yourselves.

You can use compost to make your garden healthier. Composting is easy to do at home because it doesn’t require any fancy equipment.

Putting together a quick compost pile is super easy. It can be made from all sorts of stuff that you already have in your house: food scraps (plant based of course), tea bags, old egg shells, dead flowers, old flower cuttings, clippings from when you mow the lawn and even bedding from pet cages can be used in a compost pile. Don’t toss any leftover meat scraps and the compost pile will flourish! You will eventually build a big pile of homemade fertilizer for your garden. Lots of people think that gardening is difficult. The truth is that everybody can garden! Don’t let yourself feel scared by the images of gardens you see on television or in gardening books and magazines. You might not be ready to believe this yet but it truly is possible for you to grow the lush gardens you’ve fantasized about having. Even if you haven’t ever had good luck with planting and gardening before you could learn how to be a champion gardener over the course of just a few planting seasons. Good luck! You’ll get there eventually!

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