If you watch television or go online, it’s hard to avoid the ads for all the various ab machines on the market. If you’re looking for a machine to help you lose weight and give you great abs, you can find them in all styles and price ranges. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of how some of the better known ab machines work to make it easier to decide which kind would suit you best.

The Flex Belt is a piece of fitness equipment that’s at once very advanced and extremely simple to use. If you don’t like the idea of pedaling or sweating on a machine, this is a belt that only requires you to put it on! Believe it or not, you can get great abs by wearing the Flex Belt for only half an hour every day, and this technology is actually FDA approved. This is not the kind of belt long worn by weightlifters, but a high tech device that stimulates your muscles electronically. One thing you should realize is that you may still have to consume fewer calories and exercise if you want to lose weight, as the Flex Belt won’t do this for you.

The ab bench is really the classic ab machine, but it’s something that enables you to do many different exercises. This is a bench that you can set at different inclines for sit-ups, crunches and other exercises.

Many of today’s ab benches, however, also have handlebars, a wider variety of incline angles and options that give you the ability to do more diverse workouts. If you’re interested in ab benches, you can find all kinds, from inexpensive home models to those made for gyms, so you can look for one that fits your budget.

Crazy Abs is one of the newest ab machines that is available. There are already loads of people who think it’s wonderful. Unfortunately, the name is misleading because it does more than work your abs. This machine also gives you the ability to work out your upper and lower body. For your abs, you have the ability to do a raise your knee exercise, just like with other machines. But with this machine there are chin ups to exercise your upper body and leg raises for your lower body. So for the amount of $150, the machine will give you a complete workout. However, many competing models only focus on your abs. Even though ab machines are excellent resources for getting into shape and toning up your abs, but realize that they must be used regularly in order to notice any real results. You also have to watch what you eat if you’re trying to lose weight. Exercise by itself won’t accomplish this. Ab machines like the ones we talked about can be a good part of an complete exercise program.

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