Ah the marvels of vodka mixed beverages! We’re not implying that vodka really is a magical compound (actually, we suggest that almost all the time.) nevertheless based purely on the quantity of available vodka mixed cocktails, it is certainly not really a horrible stretch of your imagination to suggest that there’s a little something magical with regards to it. Certainly as with any superb mixed cocktails, the very best vodka mixed drinks need the highest quality compounds, attentive preparation and tender loving care. Whilst just about everything, when combined with fine vodka, creates a great mixed vodka beverage, there are a few traditional substances that stand out among the rest as spectacular vodka mixers, for example triple sec, rose’s lime juice and grenadine for starters. Why don’t we examine a few of the most important and most liked vodka mixed drinks ever.

Bloody Mary

Nobody is proclaiming that a few nips of pure, top shelf vodka don’t make a great a . m . eye opener, notwithstanding there are things that help it be not merely tastier, but even perhaps nutritious. An exceptionally well recognized and common vodka mixer is unadulterated tomato juice. Add some of this healthy fluid to as much vodka as you desire, put in a little of this and a couple of dashes of that, and you have built yourself one of the more magnificent vodka mixed beverages ever devised – the legendary Bloody Mary. Very often regarded as a hangover remedy, this particular beverage is actually so yummy it has almost certainly started considerably more hangovers than it ever may have alleviated. This vodka mixed beverage works great because the vodka helps to decrease a bit of the saltiness and bitterness associated with the tomato juice and also the tomato juice covers the alcohol flavor of the vodka. What you’re left with is the perfect a . m . (or daytime, or evening) pick me up, which a lot of people say is among the best vodka mixed drinks of all time. and we definitely are in agreement.

Classic Bloody Mary Recipe

1.5 OZ Vodka
3 OZ Tomato Juice
.5 OZ Lemon Juice
Dash of Pepper
Dash of Salt (or Celery Salt)
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce
Dash of Tabasco Sauce
Stalk of Celery

Add Vodka and Tomato Juice to a mixing cup. Season to taste with Salt, Pepper, Worcestershire, and Tobasco. Pour into ice filled highball glass. Garnish with Celery.

White Russian

If perhaps you’re looking for one of the brighter vodka mixed drinks, the white Russian is an easy vodka mixed cocktail that is suitable for novices as well as experts as well. Preparing the White Russian normally requires, well, vodka.. Next comes the addition of suitable amounts of one’s favored coffee liqueur and a spot of cream. Probably the most popular types of liqueurs are Kahlua and Tia Maria. Concerning the cream, a good light cream is awesome, but Bailey’s Irish Cream can be another popular selection, not to mention half and half – and even plain old whole milk will do a superb job in a pinch for this most flexible of vodka mixed cocktails (and in fact, many people prefer milk instead of cream). If you opt to ditch both cream and the milk, from which the white component of White Russian originates from, you’re having what’s yet one of the greatest vodka mixed drinks, however now is referred to as a Black Russian. However if you are intending to devote yet another intimate night at home viewing The Big Lebowski, you truly ought opt for the White Russian, just on GP.

White Russian Recipe

2 OZ Vodka (plain, vanilla or whipped vodka)
1 OZ Kahlua (or other coffee liquer)
1 OZ Cream (Cream, half and half, irish cream or milk)

Pour Vodka and Kahlua over ice in an Old Fashioned or Rocks glass. Add cream and serve. Garnish possibilities are awesome with this drink. coffee beans, Cocoa Puffs, piece of Kit Kat bar, shaved almonds. A squirt of whipped cream on top is also a pretty remarkable touch.


A lot of martini snobs firmly insist that any type of martini prepared without gin just isn’t a martini in any respect. Luckily for people who know better, the snobs do not manage the production of vodka martinis. The vodka martini lies in the class of simple vodka mixed drinks. You just need a glass, a sufficient quantity of fine vodka and a couple of drops of vermouth. The amount of vermouth, if any at all, is wholly determined by one’s likes. Many people love to add some garnish to the mix, with popular possibilities being olives, onions as well as lemon wedges. We are extremely partial to Tassos jalapeno and garlic double stuffed olives for the function – and in addition the juice is perfectly sublime for making a dirty martini. The truth that the vodka martini fundamentally basically requires vodka and a cocktail shaker full of ice renders it among the simplest of the simple vodka mixed cocktails.

Classic Vodka Martini

2 OZ Vodka
1/4 OZ Vermouth (approx 1.5 teaspoons)

Add Vodka and Vermouth (if desired) to a shaker cup 1/2 full of ice. Shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds. Strain into martini glass. Garnish with green olive.

Other Vodka Mixed Drinks Recipes

There are plenty of similar varieties of mixed beverages with vodka. A number of the most widely used mixers utilized are Triple Sec, Grenadine and Blue Curacao. Whilst drinks such as the bloody mary, martini and White Russian are constructed from common substances and there aren’t an abundance of varieties, vodka mixed drinks created from these other ingredients are effectively unlimited in their wide variety. Along with the mixer, as well as the vodka, the additional ingredients added in are restricted solely by the imagination and inclinations. Among the most popular are 7 Up, Red Bull, orange juice, cranberry juice, Champagne and pretty much just about every other substance in liquid form.

One interesting vodka based mixed cocktail created using Blue Curacao is merely called Windex, after the widely used blue-colored windowpane cleaning product. Blue Curacao and vodka are the only ingredient needed, however, most people find that the addition of a tiny bit of Triple Sec and lime juice renders the windex a bit more palatable. Grenadine is also frequently included with Blue Curacao and vodka concoctions. Some well known versions of this mix of basic elements are the 4th of July, that contains nothing more, 7 deadly sins, which in turn integrates ample additional constituents to make it slightly dangerous and the Purple Jim Bob, which adds some 7 UP and a bit of lemonade. These are just some examples and by no means the only potentialities with regard to fresh and exciting vodka mixed beverages.
Vodka is truly by far the most flexible alcoholic beverages. Its fresh taste doesn’t overpower other constituents and brings the right amount of kick to the mixture. With the addition of flavored or infused vodkas, the number of choices increase even more plentiful. There are thousands of vodka mixed drink recipes and finding the one you want best is simply a matter of time and experience. This is one of the few tasks where even the mistakes you make are pleasurable. If you genuinely enjoy fine vodka, there’s practically no such thing as a terrible vodka mixed beverage. Try them all if you’re able to handle it.

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