Deciding the name of your website is akin to choosing the name of your child. Once you have assigned a name to your website, that’s it.

Deciding the name of your website is akin to choosing the name of your child. Once you have assigned a name to your website, that’s it. There is no going back. This name can make or break your online presence whether you are running a personal blog or a multi-million dollar web store. A website name is what clients and potential customers will know your brand by. Deep considerations have to go into creating a website name. It takes time to create the perfect website name as seen with major online presences such as Facebook and Google. These two organizations had to go through a couple of name changes so that they could finally get the perfect domain name as well as website name. Google in its founding years was known as ‘Backrub’ while Facebook was ‘Facesmash’.

The names of these two internet giants evolved over time to the brand they are now. They are easy to remember names that have stuck to the minds of users like adhesive. The names have even contributed to offshoots of modern day adverb lingo like googling, which means to look up something on the internet and facebooking to indicate social networking. This is the effect that a website name seeks to engrave in users of that site. The name of a website should be associated with the niche that the website features in. To get this effect, there are a lot of things running behind the screen. As a rule of the thumb, if possible, the domain name and the name of website name should be similar so that users are not confused and can easily type in the url field of a website in their browsers.

One thing that leads to the creation of the perfect website name is time. A factor that Google and Facebook can bear witness to this. A period of not less than two years was needed in either organization to come up with the perfect website name or domain name. This name was researched into by experts. The resulting website name was almost golden. Everyone associated that name with the activities of the brand and there were no confusion about what Google is or what Facebook is. To come up with the perfect domain name which can also double up as the name of the website, it is crucial to do some little bit of keyword research into the niche you are about to get into. This will give a clear indication of the terms that are frequently used in the niche and a name will thus come to mind. If the niche will be dealing with real estates, come up with a name that reflects the most commonly used keywords such as ‘house’. Play around with various adjectives and synonyms to come up with a distinct website name for your brand.

Ideally, a domain name should be unique and creative. To get this name, a lot of time and research is required. Visit forums connected to your niche and discussion groups to get a hint of what people like and use this information to help out in website naming.

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