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I remember last year in April I wanted some extra cash flowing into my life and I was hearing a lot about humans moulding cash with YouTube from home. It was at a moment in my life where I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet.

Anyway doing some investigation on how I can make checks with YouTube I found a website called click bank where you can sign up for free and recommend other peoples products and get a commission. I thought it was a great idea, they give you your own affiliate URL that if anyone clicked on your URL and made a purchase you would make some commissions.

I thought I might as well try it out and if I make wealth thats cool, I can use it towards advertising my primary business and if I didn’t it was okay too because everything I was doing was free.

I came up with these products to promote with YouTube

* A coy fish pond creation manual

* Caricature Sketch Course

* Jump Handbook to Increase Your Vertical

I went to the products sales page from the clickbank website and got some information from the page and put it into a PowerPoint presentation and recorded the presentation with camtasia, you can also you jing for recording your PowerPoint and its free as well.

I sent out my YouTube videos of my PowerPoint presentation and the coolest thing happen, I made wealth. It wasn’t a whole lot, it was only $13.35 but it was like income from nowhere which was cool.

Well I after my first $13.35 made on recommending a click bank course on caricatures with YouTube I kind of let it go on its own and never really checked up on it.

It wasn’t until recently I remembered about my YouTube videos and clickbank balance that I was curious to what progress I’ve made. I had to do a recovery password thing because I forgot what it was. Anyway I found my password and logged in to my surprise I’ve made $115.21 all on auto-pilot which was totally cool.

Now I wish I did more videos or paid more attention to this I would own made a killing. But my time was and is devoted to other things. So I plan on squeezing in a video once a week or something like that to make even more commissions online with YouTube and clickbank.

But the trick I think was leverage because I sent my videos out with a free service called tube Baron which distributes my videos to different video directories. I also used a to make my URL shorter and put that into the description box of my videos.

It was a cool feeling to notice that I was creation income from many different sources and that the cash is still coming in all the time even while I sleep.

If you too want to make checks from home and learn more about how to YouTube to increase your paycheck than I want to introduce you to a a guy named Steve Schuitt.

I had the pleasure of knowing this guy for a while and he is the real deal when it comes to marketing online with YouTube. Check him out if you really want to sense how to YouTube by clicking here. – MLM Marketing Blog

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