Are You Article Spamming?

Over the past few months, Articles123 has enjoyed some great success for being a new Article Directory. Of course with this success comes some extreme frustrations as it relates to Article SPAM and low quality/low value articles. We have decided to use technology to our advantage and implement a number of tweaks to that should help to cut down on Article SPAM and improve the rankings for our legitimate users.

We have started to crack down on offending members by not only disabling their accounts, but deleting ALL the articles that they have submitted. We also ban some members indefinitely. We have purged approximately 5000 articles from our database and still believe there are many more to go.

We also delete author accounts that don’t have any posts on a fairly regular basis.  Sign up, post responsibly and you won’t have any issues.  We had thousands of SPAM accounts that had been setup and they have now been deleted.

We are dedicated to providing a HIGH quality article directory for our users. To ensure that your account will remain active to enjoy this free marketing method, please follow these guidelines:

1. Do not submit many versions of a “Spun” article to this directory. They are easy to spot and are deleted.
2. Do not submit poor quality articles, written by someone with a native language other than English.
3. Do not submit duplicate articles. They don’t get posted and are deleted before anyone sees them, including Admin’s.
4. Do not submit articles stuffed with keywords, especially titles.
5. Learn how to write a proper title. The first letter in each word should be capitalized.
6. Article topics must meet our submission guidelines. No adult, drugs, online pharmacy, tobacco or alcohol articles.

Failure to abide by these guidelines means that your account will be suspended and your articles deleted.

Don’t Waste My Time & Yours