If there is one inescapable fact, it is that you must take basketball training seriously if you ever hope to make first string. It is the person who has the mental mettle to withstand the daily rigors of training who will usually come out on top. It should go without needing to be said that playing the game and basketball training must be executed with the exact same attitude and effort. Today we want to discuss how you can make your basketball training much more effective.

Endurance training is the single most essential aspect of training for basketball. Your dribbling, shooting or jumping skills won’t help you if you don’t have enough endurance for the game. Therefore it’s important to engage in activities that build your stamina. You can do a variety of aerobic exercises for this purpose, such as running or bicycle riding, either outdoors or at a gym. You can maintain your edge by keeping fit all the time, even if you play basketball on a team that only plays seasonally. Whatever else you do for your basketball training, you have to maintain a consistent regimen of exercises that work on endurance.

Of course the training and drills you do plus the games you play are hard on your body, no question about it. Your feet take an absolute beating on the courts, and you really do need to get a quality pair of shoes to protect your feet and legs.

You should never wear anything other than shoes designed to provide proper cushioning when you play basketball. You need excellent ankle support when you play, and so we suggest you always wear high tops. You will wear out your shoes quickly, and when this happens you need to replace them. Playing or training in worn out shoes can cause injuries, so if you want to get the most from your basketball training, make sure your footwear is in top condition.

You will need to train so you have good basketball skills, and then you need to train so your body can withstand the physical demand placed on it. Also, no matter what position you play, you will need to have good hands for ball handling ability. Do exercises such as Go Around the World, where you circle the ball around your body, first around your head, then your midsection and then your legs. You can also improve your overall ability with the ball by using the figure eight ball handling exercise between your legs. These are simple exercises you can do anywhere, as long as you have a basketball with you, and they will improve your handling skills. Basketball training involves a combination of practicing drills, physical conditioning, mental preparation and nutrition. You can realize tremendous results from approaching every aspect of your playing, physical fitness, and psychological mindset. Learning is certainly important, but it the taking action part that will separate those who have true desire.

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