There are not many therapies or self-help techniques that can be used as quickly or effectively as neuro linguistic programming. Very often, if not usually, NLP techniques can be learned easily and fast, and then they can be put to work, immediately. If you practice them, over time they will become even more effective. While there are too many NLP techniques and benefits to talk about in one article, the ones we will be discussing are a good place to start.

One important idea, or conceptual premise, in Neuro Linguistic Programming is that you cannot always know how anything is in reality – what is really the truth about something.

All is perception no matter what it is – what we can see; what we even hold to be true. Going further… imagine that we change how we choose to view something in our world, our lives, then it follows that something would change in our view of it. There is nothing really stated anywhere that says we have to look at something in only one particular way. Therefore, what you have with NLP is a system of approaches and practices that build from changing one’s perception of particular areas. When you can accept that most of your experiences, your life, are within your control to affect, then you will be able to make huge changes. Neuro linguistic programming operates on the foundation that people apply their senses differently. In general, people tend to have a dominant sense, which is either visual (seeing), auditory (hearing) or kinesthetic (touching). While everybody typically uses each of their sense, most everyone has one favorite over all the others. Once you begin to understand this, you can first get to know yourself. Next, you can improve your speaking with others by making yourself aware of the senses they lean toward. Typically you can recognize this by the words people use. As an illustration, a person who is visual is most likely to say “I see” to let you know they are understanding you, while an auditory person is more likely to say, ” I hear you.”

Neuro linguistic programming is effective at teaching you how to change the pictures in your mind. A lot of people are nervous to stand up and speak to small groups, but sometimes their jobs make it necessary to do that. Naturally, that will always give you a picture in your head about being nervous. Create a new image where you are speaking with confidence and everyone is listening and appreciating what you are saying. At first, place the new image as a small dot inside the larger, painful image. Slowly watch the new picture filling the old one, and it’s slow… it grows slowly until all you can see is the new, confident you. If you practice this simple NLP exercise, you’ll be able to make fast changes in how you feel about many things. You can put neuro linguistic programming to use for a great deal of controversies. The approaches are designed to be understandable and clear. The NLP benefits covered above, along with many others, have been used for decades by people all over the world to make all kinds of improvements in their lives.

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