Teeth grinding is a familiar dilemma, yet there is no unanimous conformity about why people are affected by it. There is potentially a plethora of different reasons, as a lot of issues and behaviors have been associated with teeth grinding or bruxism. What follows are some likely causes of teeth grinding, although everyone’s situation is a little different.

While teeth grinding has quite a few causes, it is sometimes a result of using certain drugs, including common everyday ones such as caffeine and alcohol, prescription drugs such as antidepressants and illegal drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy. Stimulating drugs are one of the main reasons that people suffer from teeth grinding. Teeth grinding, and sometimes jaw clenching, are very common side effects of lots of drugs because those drugs cause the jaw to tense up. If you think this affects your teeth and jaw, you should cut down on the drugs that you think contribute to this. If a required prescription drug is causing your teeth grinding, you should seek other treatments for your teeth grinding.

Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by dental work like getting fillings. This can occur if the dental procedure creates discomfort in the mouth, or changes the way the teeth are aligned. You may unconsciously be trying to return your teeth and jaw to its previous condition. This can be temporary, until the patient gets used to the new filling, crown or implant. If you notice that you have started grinding your teeth after having had work done in your mouth, you need to talk to your dentist because it could be a sign that the work was not done correctly. You need to do what you can to stop grinding because you don’t want it to become a habit.

Sometimes teeth grinding is caused by improperly aligned teeth. Malocclusion (abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth) has been proven to cause teeth grinding in both adults and children. This is more common in children, as their permanent teeth are still in the process of growing in. If the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together perfectly when they are growing in, teeth grinding is more likely to occur. This is usually temporary and will stop when the permanent teeth have finished growing in. Some adults, unfortunately, are forced to deal with misalignment in the long term which can lead to them grinding their teeth for most of their lives. If you suffer from misalignment, ask your dentist what kind of dental procedures you an do to correct things as well as what you can do to control your teeth grinding.

While teeth grinding will gradually wear your teeth down, in the meantime it can cause some major dental and gum problems. While grinding your teeth for a few minutes may not be serious, doing it for many years can end up costing you a lot of money and discomfort. We’ve looked at some of the possible causes for teeth grinding in this article but whatever the cause for your habit it is important that you stop it as soon as possible so that you can avoid major problems later on.

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