Today it’s nearly impossible to avoid exposure to all the ab machines that are so widely advertised everywhere you look. These machines, in one way or another, all tell us we can have the six pack abs we all want by using a machine that will be simple to use, and maybe even fun. In this articles, we’ll be taking an honest look at some of the better known ab machines you can find today.

If you desire more than just toned abs and want a whole upper body workout, then the Weider 200 Power Tower will be satisfactory to you. While there are several brands that use the “power tower” name, Weider is a trusted brand name in the fitness industry. This particular brand has received very good consumer reviews. Without the usage of weights, this is a resistance machine that has the ability to exercise your entire lower and upper body. Along with other exercises, you can do pull ups, pushups and vertical knee raises. Also, when you work your abs, you get the chance to make your back, chest and arms much stronger. The Weider 200 Power Tower can be considered to be more than an ab machine, but it is a fitness machine that make you more stronger over your body.

The ab bench is really the classic ab machine, but it’s something that enables you to do many different exercises. This is a bench that you can set at different inclines for sit-ups, crunches and other exercises.

Many of today’s ab benches, however, also have handlebars, a wider variety of incline angles and options that give you the ability to do more diverse workouts. If you’re interested in ab benches, you can find all kinds, from inexpensive home models to those made for gyms, so you can look for one that fits your budget.

The Torso Track is an ab machine with a good reputation, and the American Council on Exercise even endorses it. This ab machine also has the endorsement of a popular actress, Suzanne Somers. Your muscles are worked as you kneel and move forward and backward on the track. One advantage of this unit is that your abs get a great workout in a very short time, so your exercise sessions don’t have to be long. There are also more advanced exercises you can do when you’ve gotten comfortable with the basic motion. There are several models of Torso Tracks available, and most sell for between one and two hundred dollars. Ab machines, then, come in many varieties, so you should think about what your specific fitness goals are and what kind of workouts you prefer. For instance, do you really like the convenience of working out at home, as opposed to going to a fitness club? You may decide to try one of the ab machines mentioned above, or you may need to continue your research further.

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