If you are like most people, you would love to be able to go on vacation every year. What would make it even better is if this vacation was free! However, did you know that if you have good credit, you can earn a free vacation every year simply by using your charge card accounts? That’s right, many people go on vacation every year with free travel, free theme park tickets, free hotels, even free spending cash and gift cards! Do you want to know how it’s done? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get The Credit Cards You Will Need: The first step that consumers will need to take to earn their free vacation each year is to get the credit card accounts that will make it all possible. Consumers should think of what they will need on their vacations and go searching for rewards credit card accounts. The first charge card that Americans will need is a skymiles credit card. Skymiles credit card accounts will be the source of free airfare for the free annual vacation. Next, people will need a travel rewards credit card. These charge card accounts will provide Americans with free hotel stays and theme park tickets. Finally consumers looking to earn a free annual vacation should get a cash back charge card account. Cash back charge card accounts will provide people with the spending cash and gift cards for their vacations!

Step 2: Use Your New Credit Cards: It is no secret that consumers spend money every day. Bills, gas, food, entertainment, ect… these are all things that Americans often spend cash for. However, instead of using the cash directly, I would suggest using one of the new rewards charge card accounts and rotate them with purchases. This will ensure that people will earn points on each different type of credit card account leading to equal rewards for the vacation.

Step 3: Pay The Debts Immediately: The day that Americans make purchases on their credit card accounts, they should go home and pay the purchases off online or by writing and sending a check. By doing so, Americans will pay the balances inside of the grace periods ensuring that the people will not have to pay interest on the balances accumulated through these purchases that would otherwise be made with cash!

Step 4: Plan Your Vacation: At the end of each year, if Americans followed these steps exactly, they will notice that they have tons of rewards points and didn’t pay any interest to get them. Now that’s cause for celebration. At this point, consumers should call their charge card account companies to see exactly where their rewards points will take them. Many consumers are surprised at the quality of vacations that charge card rewards points can provide!

I hope that this article has given you everything you need to be able to take your annual vacation for free each year using credit cards. Please come back some time to read more of my articles!

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