If you’re a man experiencing hair loss, it’s best not to panic, but to try to find the best treatment. While new solutions are always in the works there are plenty of solutions to keep you busy in the meantime – many of them are quite effective. From hair transplants to prescription medication and diet programs in between there is sure to be a program that will meet your hair loss needs.

Fairly recent discoveries have shown that stress can affect us in many ways, so the idea that hair loss can be caused by stress isn’t new. Often this will occur when somebody goes through a period of stress due to an event, like losing a family member or losing one’s job. People in such situations will often see their hair turning gray rather quickly, and sometimes their hair will fall out. When a traumatic event has occurred you’ll maybe need counseling of some sort, but your hair loss might be reversible if you can lower your stress levels in the long run. But for many people a factor of their hair loss could be everyday stress, however this isn’t typically the only cause.

Most problems in life can be made better through exercise but that isn’t always the case.

Strenuous exercise may get the blood and endorphins pumping but it does very little, it seems, to stimulate the hair follicles. In addition to be one of the many types of testosterone that the body produces during strenuous exercise, DHT is also believed to contribute to hair loss. Men who use performance enhancing drugs such as steroids often suffer from hair loss as a result. This doesn’t mean that you should suddenly stop exercising but it does mean you should note the manner in which you exercise.

Hair loss may be prevented or even reversed thanks to certain herbs. You may be able to apply them onto the hair directly, and they might be found in some hair conditioners and shampoos. One of these is aloe vera, which is used for many different purposes. Powerful enzymes are within the plant and they can be effective against male pattern baldness. Nettle root is yet another useful herb for fighting against hair loss, and you can take it internally as a tea or you can take it in capsule form. Drinking green tea may also be useful at stimulating hair growth. There are lots of antioxidants contained within green tea and they are good for your entire body as well as your hair. These are just a number of useful herbs and plants that can tackle hair loss, and you can either take these orally or apply them externally. It’s true that hair loss in men is very troubling but it doesn’t have to be devastating. There are quite a few alternatives, and the one that works best for you will depend on the cause of your hair loss as well as your genetic makeup. There are only a few of the options you face for treatment; just remember to choose wisely.

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