Every product that is manufactured and sold comes with excellent packaging. It is also significant to note that a product with better packaging attracts more attention from consumers and therefore companies are making every effort to ensure that every good product from their stable is brought out in a neat package. So, for every consumer market and units producing goods from small to big, there is going to be a packaging unit.

The consumer market is directly proportional to the growing population, and hence, the demand for consumer products is also high. The packaging units therefore have to be automated in order to meet the demands of the manufacturing units. Automation also results in the significant reduction of the manpower requirement, results in faster disposal rate and provides more precision. (Machines don’t form Unions too!!).

Packaging is extremely crucial when the items are needed to be exported abroad. Accurate packaging ensures that the product reaches the destination without any damage. The issues that need to be taken into account while packaging and delivering consignments are damage, theft and wetness. If the above three are tackled then the package can be delivered to any destination at any part of the world.

Packaging machines come in several types such as aerosol, automated, filler machines, sealing machines, bolster packaging, capsule packaging, cartooning, cup sealing and many more. Packaging machines are augmented with kits such as bag loaders, shrink tunnels and custom built tunnels to handle the products. The food industry such as the meat, cheese and poultry require a packaging machine which is fitted with bag loaders, shrink tunnels and vacuum packaging units.

Packaging machinery has evolved with time and there are different packaging units for different category of goods. A few of the packaging machines are illustrated below:-

Metal capping machine: – Metal capping machines primarily used in the bottling industry and also in the pharmacy, cosmetics and similar industries come in two varieties. A locking capping machine which seals and threads metal tamper-proof caps, zip-top caps, nozzle caps etc. and the locking capping machine which screws the cap to make it tamper-proof.

Automatic Paper Folding Machine: – This machine is capable of folding paper into various dimensions and thickness. This machine is very easy to operate, has a smooth feeder line, and a smooth speed control. The paper folding machine is used is big printing centers and in a few Government departments. This comes in two varieties with two folder trays and four folder trays.

Automatic Pillow Packing Machine: – The pillow packing machine is suitable for consumable items such as bread, noodles, cakes etc. and also for some heavy duty packaging. This functions very smoothly and is easy to operate. This is equipped to perform some advanced functions.

Automatic Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine: – This wraps a film of stretched wrapper around the package so that it is leak proof. Wrapped items are also easy to segregate.

All the automatic packaging equipments are fitted with industry standard Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) which eases the functioning of the unit.

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