In a mere ten years, Mesa Airlines has launched their company into a thriving, competitive force with sixty planes in operation. The decade of the 1980s was the first for this new airline, and they worked exceedingly hard to expand their business operations.

Collaboration was the key factor in the 90’s, allowing two venturous companies to merge and have great consequences. Mesa Airlines is not so unusual; they just took advantage of the moment. Let’s take a closer look at Mesa Airlines, and you will discover there is much more than meets the eye.

Mesa Airlines was created as a division of JB Aviation in the 1980’s by two people, Larry Risley and Jane Risley. For over five years the airline had operations running from Albuquerque and New Mexico after changing its name to Mesa Air Shuttle in 1982. After some time the company relocated their main hub to Arizona and started looking for partners to share codes with. The practice of code sharing agreements is extremely common within the airlines industry and all major and minor airlines do it. In 1992 Mesa Airlines completed a deal to share codes with America West Airlines and so they kept on moving.

Mesa Airlines has a very humble origin, as they only had one aircraft in the beginning that just operated between two cities. After ten years they had grown to have 38 planes that took passengers to around 63 cities all over the US. They also went public from a private corporation to being traded on the NASDAQ exchange. A code share deal was brokered between Mesa Airlines and Midwest Express airlines in the 80’s. That partnership allowed Mesa to expand and serve passengers flying out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. United Airlines and Mesa went into partnership on code sharing, which saw the arrival of United Express chartering flights out of Denver.

The airline industry was put under a lot of strain after the events of 9/11. A few months after 9/11, a number of airlines had to seek bankruptcy protection. However, Mesa Airlines sprang into action with a series of moves designed to control and contain losses. They decided to get rid of everything that wasn’t making them profit. Then they reduced costs wherever possible but did not adversely impact their operations. To finally get their operations back to making a profit they decided to use their code sharing agreements. Their end result has been profit for every fiscal quarter since the end of 2001. Mesa Airlines actually exists in a number of forms in the airline industry. There are a few sub-brands that have their own names, but they are actually divisions of Mesa. This is totally legal and happens regularly in the airline industry. Mesa Airlines has had a lot to deal with over the many years, including bankruptcy, but when they arrived at the end they were fine. The future of the company looks stable as there’s nothing to suggest it’d close, and it is running flights right now. This all shows that Mesa Airlines is solid and have ridden out any storms that have hit them.

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