Steve Jobs (1955-2011):
Steve Jobs born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California and was an adopted child of Paul and Clara Jobs. He was brought up with one sister, Patty. Paul Jobs was a machinist and also fixed cars as hobby Steve always remembers his father being very experienced at his work and always with his hands.
In the year 1961, the family shifted to Mountain View California which was known as center of electronics.When Steve was child he always preferred doing things by himself. Steve was much interested in electronics and also spent his hours and hours in working at garage of Hewlett Packard who was an electronic producer. Jobs also enlisted his name in Exporters Club at Hewlett Packard and was very much interested in working with computer. . He was quite interested in working with computers. When he was in high school he attended lectures at the HP plant. With his impressive performance William Hewlett has offered him summer internship with Hewlett Packard.

Apple Era:
After studied the facts and figures he got to know that there was the huge gap in the computer market.. At those earlier times almost all the computers were working on Mainframes. Those computers were so large that it could easily fill one room and it was so costly that an individual could not afford them. When Steve and Wozniak seen all these they decieded to redesigned their computer with an objective to sell the system to common individual. In 1977, when Apple II was introduced in market it had an shown an immense sale of $2.7 milliion from which company has grown up $200 million dollar in 3 years.

The Macintosh:
In 1984, Apple has launched a revolutionary model, the Macintosh. To use this computer users were introduced to the new device called as Mouse. Using Mouse made Macintosh easy to use. Macintosh was not liked by the users as it has lacked certain features like high quality printers. As Macintosh fall in the market, has given a signal for the downfall of Apple, therfore Steve resigned from the company in the year 1985 and then he reatained his name amongst the Chairman of its board of dierectors.

After the failure of Macintosh, Jobs has then hired his former employees to start his new computer industry NeXT. NeXT was launched in 1998 at one of the large gala event show at San Francisco having an objective at educational market. The product was quite user friendly and also has excellent graphics and was also having fast processing speed with the great sound system.

Recent Innovations:
Apple has then announced the revolutionary products like Macbook Air, iPod, and iPhone which have dictated the modern technology evolution. In the year 2007, Apple has declared its statistics which was quite impressive and was record breaking $199.99. In 2008, iTunes was a big hit in the music retail chain in America market second to Wal-Mart. Most of the revenue was gained by iTunes and iPod with the sale of 200 million iPod sold for worth 200 million and also 6 billion of songs downloaded. For all such achievements Apple had been the ruling in United States and was also one of the most looked up companies, along with this has also been listed in Fortune 500 organizations for the return of shareholders.

Death of Legend:
Steve died on Oct 5th 2011; he was suffering fromsufferer pancreas cancer.

Honors and Public Recognition:
Steve Jobs: Position as Co- Founder at Apple
Steve Jobs: Founder of NeXT
Steve Jobs: Founder of Pixar
Lastly, Steve was also mentioned amongst one of the Time’s Magazine top 25 most influential people on Web in 2008.
In August 2009, Steve was also announced as one of the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers in a survey by Junior Achievement.

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