The Hutchinson Networks Broadband set incorporates a wide range of business broadband services based on two primary access methods:

IP Stream – using BT’s exchange equipment to route your broadband traffic on a prioritised business-grade service.
LLU – local loop unbundling – this is where Network Operators are able to disconnect your phone line from BT’s exchange equipment and connect it to theirs, providing you with a wider choice of services. Broadband delivered over LLU therefore is normaly faster and more cost-effective.
Please note that not all exchanges have been unbundled, therefore LLU services are subject to availability.

Our services are ideally suited to Voice over IP (VoIP) applications that require greater network integrity than traditional connections.

Our own in-house Technical Support team provides a first class service, which can be augmented with a unique Service Level Agreement; Enhanced Care.

Our Fair Use Policy ensures that any network abuse is eliminated, and ensures only the highest quality of broadband connection is provided to all Hutchinson Networks Broadband customers.

– up to 8MB downstream and up to 400KB upstream
High data transfer speeds over existing telephone lines. The speeds are asymmetric which means that more bandwidth is delivered downstream than upstream, so items are downloaded faster than they are uploaded.

– up to 8MB downstream and up to 800KB upstream
As with ADSL MAX but with faster uploading speeds achieved.

– up to 24MB downstream and up to 1MB upstream
This service is delivered using LLU technology to provide faster bandwidth and is therefore subject to availability at the local exchange. The quality and length of the line can affect the speed.

– up to 24MB downstream and up to 2.4MB upstream
As with ADSL 2+ but with faster uploading speeds achieved.

Our LLU broadband service is excellent value as not only is it priced lower than traditional DSL services, but every line includes an analogue voice line completely free!

Up to 24MB downstream, up to 1MB upstream with varying priority levels and download limits.

High data transfer speeds over dedicated telephone lines. The speeds are symmetric which means the same bandwidth is delivered downstream and upstream; ideal for businesses running a server.

ADSL Unlimited
Unlike all our other broadband services, there are no download limits on this service, so you can surf, stream and download as much as you would like.

Enhanced Care
Guarantee to fix any broadband fault within one working day and promise to keep you updated with progress at least every 2 hours. If we fail on this commitment we will refund you twice the downtime. Please note, level 3 care is required on the analogue line.

Resilient Broadband
Utilises two broadband lines to increase uptime and resilience for businesses running business critical services over IP. If the primary circuit fails for any reason, the secondary circuit will resume connectivity immediately, without any requirement for changing SMTP or IP settings.

Platinum DSL
A unique service for customers of our Broadband and IP voice products, guaranteeing a minimum level of availability at all times over existing telephone lines.

Engineered Broadband Symmetric Assured
Guarantees symmetric, 1:1 contended bandwidth, allowing you to plan usage for high priority applications such as voice and video.
EB:SA is available at more exchanges and at a lower cost than SDSL.

Engineered Broadband Single Priority
This service is an add-on to any of our standard broadband services, and allows you to prioritise one type of traffic, for example, voice can take priority over data.

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