Watches are small time pieces that are either worn on the hand or are carried on the pocket. There are two types of watches.

Watches are small time pieces that are either worn on the hand or are carried on the pocket. There are two types of watches. The first type is the wrist watch. This is the most famous type of the watch. It is worn on the wrist mostly on the left hand. The other type of watches is the pocket watches. They are mostly carried on the pocket. They are not as famous as the Seiko watches that are worn on the wrist. They are nonetheless important in the sports events that require that they are carried on the pocket.

Watches are worn by both genders. That is to say that both men and women alike can wear watches. Mens watches are distinctive from the women’s watches. Mens watches are relatively larger than women’s watches. They are bigger in size so as to represent masculinity. Therefore they become distinctive in terms of size. When one is going to purchases a Seiko mens watches, one should be sensitive to this part.

Ladies watches on the other hand are relatively smaller in size. They are small in size and this is because of femininity they present. Womens watches are smaller because of the perception that ladies do not like to carry heavy things. They are therefore associated with light things hence they are made smaller so as to cater for this requirement. When one is buying ladies watch, one should make sure that what he or she has bought is smaller in size otherwise it may look like of a man.

Womens watches are colorful. Although this is not a universal characteristic, most womens watches they come in different colors. This is because women like flashy things. a watch that has many colors will serve better for a lady. Furthermore, a lady is a variety person. A lady may like to have the variety as she would like to match the watches. Furthermore, different outfits may require different watch colors hence the variety requirement.

Watches are made to fit different weather patterns. There are watches that are made to fit ice climate like ice watches, there are others made for dry area and others that are meant for sports. For this reason, watches therefore gain importance with the place. There are places where ordinary watches cannot be ideal. Therefore when one is buying a watch, this should be the prime consideration. The weather patterns are very important aspect to consider before buying a watch.

Watches are also made for different functions. There are watches that are ideal for sports. Such kind of watches may include swimming watches and stop watches. There are others that are ideal for shock absorbers. One such kind of the watch is the G-Shock watches. They are helpful to the people that are vulnerable to shock and even heart attacks. They are made with special features that make them ideal for the purpose. Therefore one needs to analyze carefully the purpose of the watch before he or she buys one so as to have the best.


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