Just about every drug rehabilitation center follows the same approach, involving medication for detox (or just time to get through withdrawal), the disease model, and a Twelve Step program. The problem with so many addiction recovery programs using this model is that it doesn’t work. Holistic drug rehab does work, producing a cure for addiction.

Why does holistic drug rehab work when the most popular treatment in the world doesn’t work?

The “Incurable Disease” Model and Why It Doesn’t Work

The fundamental difference in holistic drug rehab is that the holistic practitioner views the person with addiction as a person with an addiction who can be cured. Traditional drug rehabilitation center programs and Twelve Step programs, on the other hand, treat the person with addiction as someone with an “incurable disease.” This disease, in fact, is considered to be one not only of the body, but also of the character. “Recovering” alcoholics and addicts are forced to admit their powerlessness over their disease on a daily basis, and told they will always be recovering and never recovered.

The idea that there is no cure for addiction is simply false. This is where holistic drug rehab shines. Ibogaine, a natural detoxifier, removes the drugs and toxins from the addicted person’s system with no medication and no side effects. This complete detox prepares the body for the next element of the holistic drug and alcohol treatment program.

The Ibogaine program is merely the first step in a multi-phase, multimodal treatment program designed to heal the underlying issues causing the addiction.

Holistic Drug Treatment

Addiction Recovery vs. Addiction Cure

The purpose of holistic drug rehab is to cure the addiction. This is not a recovery program or a management program. Ibogaine detox and the mind/body/spirit connection are based in the knowledge that addiction is neither a disease nor incurable. The prognosis for treatment at a holistic drug rehab center is a cure for addiction.

This is diametrically opposed to the traditional view that addiction is an incurable disease and an addict or alcoholic will always be “recovering.”

The second best part of the holistic drug and alcohol treatment approach is that it is true. There is a cure. Recovery from addiction is not simply a matter of learning to live with an addiction for the rest of your life.

The best part of holistic drug rehab is what it means for people struggling with addiction. The sad fact is that Twelve Step programs have a success rate of 5% or less. For those the programs work for, there is at least some sense of progress and recovery.

Those who do not achiever “recovery” in a Twelve Step program have a much harder life than those who do. They continue to struggle with addiction. Many die.

That’s the best part of holistic, alternative drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Because there is a cure, many more people can truly recover from their addictions than the small number who “recover” through AA and NA.

Holistic therapy creates a new person, one who does not suffer from addiction. The cure is total and permanent. This is truly great news for those who struggle and those who love them.

Holistic drug and alcohol therapy operates on a mind/body/spirit basis.


Holistic drug addiction therapy literally changes the mind, by changing the thoughts. This is not a conscious process for the person with addiction. In other words, holistic drug rehab does not involve cognitive therapy.
Holistic treatment uses such techniques as hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), among others. These modalities create a new mind by helping the individual achieve a mindset shift. This new mind is not addicted to any substance.


Brain scans of people suffering from addiction show appalling damage, which cannot be healed through talk therapy or meetings. However, holistic drug addiction treatment can heal this damage by treating the brain.

Treatments include nutritional education, massage therapy and immune repair, among others. The goal is to create a healthy, well-nourished and balanced body and brain.


Many people believe that traditional drug addiction recovery includes a spiritual component in the form of the Twelve Steps. The Twelve Steps in fact do not constitute a spiritual program. While the term “God” is mentioned once, Twelve Step programs are entirely secular and are based on the principles of a temperance movement called The Oxford Group.

True healing requires true care of the spirit and the soul. In a holistic drug treatment program this may involve spiritual counseling, Reiki, Tai Chi, or any other of a number of modalities designed to soothe and heal the spirit.

A cure for addiction really is not possible using medication, talk therapy and meetings. These treatments do not address the underlying issues causing addiction and other disorders. But to say a cure is not possible using these methods is not to say a cure is not possible. Indeed it is. The Holistic Sanctuary offers what no other center dares to offer, a “cure for addiction”.

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