Blinds are made of different materials, which require specialized cleaning and care. While you can do away with the usual spot-cleaning and dusting, it is always best to beef up on your knowledge on how to clean your blinds the right way, and the types of cleaning methods that are appropriate for them.

1. Ultra sonic cleaning method

This type of blinds cleaning method is increasingly gaining popularity what with all the go green advocacies that’s taking the world by storm. Ultra sonic cleaning involves submerging the blinds in water mixed with an aqueous cleaning solution after which it will be syndicated with a high-frequency sound (20 to 400 kHz) by an ultrasonic device or syndicator. The high-frequency sound causes miniscule water bubbles to pop and produce sound waves, which will then shake loose and remove particle build-up on the surface of blinds. It is mostly used on fabric shadings (horizontal or vertical), honeycomb blinds, and motorized drapes. It is, however, not applicable to be used on aluminum blinds.

2. Wet Injection/ Extraction method

This type of cleaning method is one of the cleaning methods that should be handled by a professional. Like ultrasonic cleaning, the wet injection/extraction method can be performed “on-site,” meaning in your own home, and without the removal of the blinds from its position. The principle behind the method is using a liquid solution and injecting it to the fabric blind, and extracting the dirt with it the same way. While the process is fast and effective for most blinds, the wet injection/extraction method however is not advisable to be used on very thin and delicate fabric window treatments.

3. Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning has been around for the longest among the three methods. It is recommended for fabric blinds, curtain, and drapes that have been used for quite a long time, or those that have been kept inside closets and taken out for reuse with stubborn stains or unstable colors. It cannot be done on-site, so the professional cleaning service you hired has to take your shadings to their facilities for cleaning.

BebeBlinds Tips
1) Avoid oversaturating wood blinds – damp is fine, wet isn’t
2) Consult the owner’s manual that came with your blinds to see if there are any special care instructions
3) As with any cleaner, you should avoid all contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin
4) Keep vinegar out of the reach of children

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