Neuro linguistic programming, also known as NLP, can be administered to many different matters and predicaments. While you can spend years learning about this approach, you can reap many benefits by learning how to use a few easy applications. NLP advances by manipulating how you speak to yourself or others, and how you picture events and memories in your mind’s eye. This article will provide you with some general ideas on how NLP can benefit you, no matter what your specific aims may be.

It’s important to learn about what is called congruency within NLP, and it has been shown to be highly effective – if used. Congruent means to be consistent, and in NLP this attribute means to have that quality in your life as determined by your goals. All parts of your life need to be consistent with who and what you are and what you want. When the non-congruent person talks or walks, there is something that always gives them away that means they are not aligned in all ways with their goals. To become more congruent, it’s important to identify your values, and then to live in a way that matches this. It is more of a matter of degree because it could be the rare person who is totally and completely congruent. The awareness of congruency will give you something to think about and work toward, so then it is valuable. Neuro linguistic programming has some commanding approaches and applications to help you release yourself from distressing memories and guarded philosophies. One sort of NLP implementation consists of developing a mental picture of something you yearn to amend and then revising this picture. For illustrative purposes, if you have a foul memory that you seem to think about over and over again, or a certain fear or phobia, you can prepare a mental image of it and then make it smaller, dimmer and place if farther away from you. If a person said something to you that bothers you, can can replay this in your mind, giving the person a silly cartoon voice. To sum up, you release the authority these images have over you by minimizing them, more challenging to picture and even comical. This may sound simple, but it really works, because the mind thinks in words and pictures, so when you change these, you change the way you feel about them.

Neuro linguistic programming is effective at teaching you how to change the pictures in your mind. One area this can help in, out of very many, is in the case of your job requiring you to give talks, yet you really are nervous to get up in front of others and speak. And that produces a certain image or picture in your mind. Now, just create a brand new image, but this time you are nothing like the old image – now you are confident, sure of yourself, etc. What you’ll do next is take the brand new picture, and then place it as a much smaller one – like a dot almost, inside the old large picture. Now replace the old with the new, and you do that by slowly watching the new one get bigger and bigger until it blocks out the old image and only the new is left standing. Practice these NLP techniques until you see positive changes within, and then keep practicing them. You can use neuro linguistic programming to assist you with many different problems. The methods are created to be a cinch and no sweat to implement. The NLP benefits that we went over above, together with several more, have been applied to the lives of people all around the world for more than a decade to make positive strides in their lives.

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