Search engine visibility is a virtually unlimited source of prospective customers for your business, but increasing in the ranks of the search engine results just isn’t something that can be achieved easily or overnight. Here are some things to look for from an SEO firm and SEO packages if you want to optimize your chances for success.

## Keyword, Market, and Competition Investigation

SEO is about more than playing with Google’s algorithm. Before starting any promotional strategy, you must know precisely what the competition looks like, what your customers are seeking, and the general lay of the land. Investigation could easily be regarded as the most important aspect of SEO, challenged only by link building efforts.

Selecting the best keywords is the end goal of your research efforts. A good SEO company knows how to determine if a keyword is capable of attracting traffic or not. They should also be able to offer the more complicated service of determining roughly how profitable a keyword should be if you successfully rank for it.

Furthermore, they should also be able to determine whether any given keyword is something you can feasibly rank for. While no SEO services are able to promise the number one position in Google, a good SEO company can estimate the difficulty of ranking for any given keyword. This requires some competitive analysis and market research skills.

## On-page Optimization

The layout and link structure of a site says a great deal to Google’s algorithm, and SEO packages should reflect this. A keen knowledge of how to place the keywords on your site is important. SEO services that attempt to dump all of your target keywords on the front page don’t understand the major search engines all that well. Look for firms who are aware of internal linking and keyword placement strategies.

## Off-page Optimization

Much of the power of SEO comes from off-site optimization, which is about acquiring links from external websites. An effective optimization firm will know what sorts of links are helpful, and which offer minimal benefit. The ideal link comes from an authoritative site that is related to your keyword. The text of the link would ideally contain the keyword. The page on the site should also be related. The best links also come from the main content of the site, not the sidebar or the footer.

## Network Building

Obtaining the links essential to improve rankings requires some networking skills. You and your representative has to be able to cultivate relationships with influential people in your niche in order to embark on any internet marketing strategy, including SEO. Finding link partners is an essential part of this process.

## Quantitative Analysis

The term optimization promises a quantitative approach, so a good firm needs data to compliment its strategy. By calculating results and finding direct correlations, it’s possible to determine what works, and what doesn’t.


A solid SEO expert understands a lot more than the minutia of Google’s algorithm. They also need a clear strategy, research and networking skills, and a desire to cooperate with you to achieve your goals. The five elements on this list should direct you toward industry professionals who know what they are doing.

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