For many reasons, the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 Notebook has been making news headlines in the media today. Apple notebook computers are not as trendy as iPads or iPhones, however, they are a quality notebook with unique features found anywhere else. The Apple MacBook Pro is the focus of this article, specifically its capabilities and advantages that make it truly unique.

Apple computers have typically not been a mainstream purchase because of the popularity of PC software programs that most people use. This fear is dispelled because of the advent of Boot Camp software on the Apple MacBook Pros that allow you to run these programs.

Available for many years, this feature has made it possible to run all Windows based programs, yet the general public is unaware of its existence. There is an additional cost, buying Windows for your computer, that you have to pay in order for the Apple software to work. Therefore, there is no reason to buy a PC just to run Windows-based programs, and many manufacturers are creating Apple versions of their software as well.

One recent innovation to MacBook Pro notebooks is Thunderbolt technology, which greatly speeds up many processes such as transferring data between your computer and peripheral devices. Since 2009, Light Peak has been used by MacBook, an Intel technology.

So, if you use multiple devices with your computer, your transfer speeds will not be impeded regardless of how many you use. Thunderbolt is 20 times faster than an USB 2.0 port and 12 times faster than FireWire 800, so if you connect your computer to external devices frequently, this will be quite helpful. The only downside is that this is new technology and you have to use Thunderbolt compatible devices for it to work, and so far these are fairly limited.

Some Mac users complain about how hot their Apple notebook computers get, due to the aluminum body. There isn’t an issue with the durable construction or aesthetic design of the notebook. The disadvantage many people complain about is the fact that, under certain conditions, the aluminum body of the notebook gets hot. This usually occurs when you are putting a lot of demand on the notebook – downloading and installing large programs, for example, or playing games for hours on end. These computers have even been reported as being so hot that you cannot touch them or sit them on your lap. Normal day-in and day-out use shouldn’t cause the body of the computer to heat up. This situation mainly applies to those who play games a lot or download/install many new programs – these people should reconsider if this is the notebook for them. High-end notebook computers, like the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 notebook, are feature rich and well worth the price. If you’re looking for a computer that has exceptional battery life, and modern features such as FaceTime HD camera, this may be the notebook for you. With its constant updates, and high-tech features, Apple MacBook pros are one of the best notebooks on the market.

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