The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course is a study course put together by one of the worlds best known memory experts. “The Secrets of Mind Power”, was authored in 1958 and grew to be a New York Times top pick. It was brought up by Bob Dylan as a book he studied just before he broke through on the music scene. The powerful procedures from his complete memory program, that are considered his most effective, are included in this course which well be reviewing.

Harry Lorayne, without a doubt, is the person most qualified to train you in memory techniques. Hes been included in a great many magazines and has appeared on TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Hes been well-known for his achievements in this field since the 1950s. The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School, and at Play, released together with Jerry Lucas in 1986, enjoyed one year on the New York Times Bestseller list. He also carries a great reputation as a magician, whose specialty is card tricks. Among his favorite methods for demonstrating his incredible recollection was to have everybody in his audience – sometimes as many as 1,500 people – introduce themselves to him before the show. As soon as the show began, he would have everyone stand and, as he named them correctly, they could then sit down. Nobody was even left standing! If you want to enjoy a phenomenal memory – and who doesnt? – you will be taught the strategies used by Harry Lorayne when you take his extraordinary course, The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course.

There will be so much information that is included in The Harry Lorayne Memory Power course. As you study the information, you may find your memory improving immensely. Many folks who have gained from this training course were overwhelmed at the scope of the materials use – much more information than they needed. The program includes four CDs or cassettes plus a bonus DVD and, considering how much information is included, the retail price of $149.95 is quite reasonable. Even so, when you only want to be shown a few basic memory techniques, you could look for one of Harry Loraynes well known books. You could even reduce your cost by finding an used copy of the book that you are interested in or, perhaps, the paperback version. On Amazon, you may even find some of his publications for your Kindle. The total memory program, however, is definitely worth it for anyone whos serious about learning as much as possible about this fascinating topic.

Harry Lorayne has trained all sorts of people how to improve their memories, and many corporations have hired him to give seminars on this topic. Business managers, as well as businessmen and women, have long realized how important a good memory is, especially for someone engaged in sales. One of the basic important skills, especially in the field of sales, is to be able to remember someones name easily – and correctly – every time you meet them. When you can effortlessly remember contact numbers, email addresses and other information, its even better. Its true, almost everyone in business have iPads, SmartPhones, cell phones, and various other pieces of modern technology to help us keep track of everyone we deal with but, sometimes these “gadgets” are not available and we must rely on our “computer” – our brain.

In almost any area of your life that you are interested in improving yourself, you will find books and information in the self-help section of your bookstore or online. Regrettably, a majority of this information doesnt specifically pertain to how to train your memory. Even when you do locate a small sampling of courses on memory training, they usually arent written by someone who has the skills, background, and success with memory training as Harry Lorayne does. Perhaps not everybody needs a program like The Harry Lorayne Memory Power Course. Having said that, in order to give yourself an edge in business by easily remembering someones personal data, you will definitely benefit by purchasing this powerful course.

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