This smart phone, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone from Apple, is an affordable device with lots of features you’ll love. When it first came out, it was one of the most advanced smart phones on the market. New releases like the iPhone 4 have made this particular smartphone not as “in demand”. People that could not afford the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone before can do so now since the newest version has been unveiled.

If you are a reader, the iPhone 3GS smart phone offers you a fantastic way to read new books on your phone. You can download the free iBooks app from the Apple App Store and then have access to more than 200,000 books. While most of the titles in the app are free, the ones that ask for payment still cost less than you would pay for a hardcover or even a paperback book. It’s also possible to download the Kindle app which gives you immediate access to the Kindle store on Amazon. This means that you won’t have to buy a Kindle or other sort of e-book reader when you have an iPhone 3GS because it takes care of your e-book needs for you. The one drawback, of course, is that the screen is a lot smaller, so if you’re an avid e-book reader you may still want a Kindle, or perhaps an iPad for this purpose. People that enjoy texting their friends and family will absolutely love the keyboard on the iPhone 3GS smartphone. Lesser phones provide keyboards that are not so great. Do you make mistakes while typing? This keyboard will self correct and also give you suggestions. It will actually capitalize the first word of every sentence that you make. Making corrections is a breeze using the magnifying glass feature which can help you correct what you have written. Intelligent keyboard technology is helping more people make less mistakes while they text and type.

Although this would be opportune, it is actually not possible to upgrade an iPhone 3GS with an iOS4 or iOS5 operating system. Later iOS versions may be downloaded with no problem, however, this does not mean that the iPhone 3GS will operate just like the more expensive models. Downloading iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 operating systems to your iPhone 3 will not enhance your phone because they are made completely differently. Multitasking with the iPhone 4 is much better than with the iPhone 3GS, yet enhanced multitasking will not transfer to the older phone. Since upgrades are not possible with the iPhone 3GS, just buy it because it is a great deal, and not because you want to upgrade.

The iPhone 3GS smart phone is a now classic device made by Apple that still holds up very well to other phones. You might want to compare it to the later models like the iPhone 4 and figure out if it is really worth it to pay more for features that you might not use. If you really want the absolute latest technology no matter what, though, you’d be better off waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released.

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