Breast enlargement and reduction procedures are common among women, but did you ever hear of male breast reduction in Long Island? It’s a common procedure carried out by many plastic surgeons in Long Island. Men who are afflicted with abnormally enlarged breasts undergo this treatment to lose the excess tissue.

Before you can look for plastic surgeons in Long Island, you must know if you qualify for this treatment. Be sure to confer with your doctor before undergoing this procedure. It would be best to understand gynecomastia first and exactly how breast reduction will help men with this condition.

What’s Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the scientific term for abnormal male breast enlargement. Abnormal mammary glands cause a man’s chest to look enlarged. It is the primary known possible cause. There aren’t any known exact causes of this condition, but there are a number of things suspected of being to blame. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, the following: obesity, natural aging, anabolic steroid use, use of products with either estrogen or testosterone, and puberty. It can possibly be a manifestation of other disorders, such as Klinefelter Syndrome, Gilbert’s Syndrome, testicular hormone production irregularities and liver problems.

Who qualifies for breast reduction procedure?

Thirty to sixty percent of the male population could have gynecomastia, yet not all will be qualified for this surgical procedure. Doctors typically are not going to recommend breast reduction to those whose condition is due to obesity. You should try conventional methods of slimming down first. You can visit a plastic surgeon once you have lost a significant amount. Plastic surgeons will never perform the surgery on individuals who drink too much or smoke marijuana. These two activities are in the list of suspected causes. Reducing alcohol intake and stopping the use of marijuana might help reduce your chest size in such instances.

People that have gland-related problems are probably the most qualified patients to undergo the operation. Men who show signs of abnormal enlargement will need further examination before qualifying for the surgery. Some cases require that you treat the underlying disorder for the abnormality to go away.

So how exactly does the procedure work?

Male breast reduction in Long Island is just like the treatment round the country. Your surgeon will make incisions hidden in either your armpit or around your areolas. The doctor decides where the best point of entry is going to be. Your cosmetic surgeon will remove the extra fat as well as the oversized glandular tissue through these incisions. They may or may not have to perform liposuction. This will depend on the extent of enlargement. They will even remove excess skin and reposition your nipples and areolas in extraordinary instances.

Your surgeon will place you under general anesthesia but there is no need for confinement. It’s an outpatient procedure and can take only one to two hours. The time depends on how extensive your problem is.

How long is it going to take for you to recover?

Recovery will not take very long because this is a basic procedure. You may experience swelling, pain and discomfort right after surgery. This will fade rapidly. You can resume your normal activities after a few days of rest. You’ll have to see your doctor again for a follow-up consultation. Your physician will see if there are no more abnormal tissues left and if your wounds are healing properly.

The author featured Long Island plastic surgical group in a magazine that talks about male breast reduction Long Island has to offer.

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