Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans. They are actually found on nearly every bed in the world. In United States, 94% of Americans are bitten every night by these small creatures but it is barely recognized due to its size. Bed bugs are known parasites that have existed forever of human civilizations.

In 1940, the enormous efforts associated with developing countries in treating bed bug infestations almost erased the population of them from the world. But by 1995, an alarming increase associated with bed bug populations has been observed through experts. This unexplained development is said to be caused by different facets including human migration and journey, the use of second-hand furniture in homes, the lack of bed bug countermeasures, and the development of brand new breeds which have resistance to pesticides.

A common household nowadays has bed bugs within it, but less of us are able to identify these infestations. Identifying infestations at an early stage is a crucial factor that enables you to have an effective approach of eliminating and treating bed bugs. The common misconception about the identifying process is that individuals tends to think that bed bugs are present only if you have unexplained bites as you wake up in the morning.

Bites may suggest bed bugs but this isnt the case for most individuals. The reason is that bite reactions differ for each individual. A person may have been traveling for several days and only notice the bites upon returning home. A scenario like this doesnt suggest bed bug infestation in the house of this person. On the other hand, individuals might not be able to identify bed bug bites because they dont react to them at all. This case implies an unnoticed pests until the population increases, enhancing the difficulty of treating bed bug infestations.

Justifying the actual statements above, it is impractical to base bed bug infestation upon bites. Thus, the need to search for other signs is significant to possess a more viable assessment from the situation. Observing other facts at an early stage will help for bed bug infestations as youll be able to control its population and finish the infestation faster.

A bed bug passes five immature stages and like any insect to develop it must shed its exoskeleton. So that you can identify these bed bugs is a little bit tricky. The 1st phase nymphs are transparent and difficult in order to indentify. As it grows, it slowly turns from yellowish to brown. The best time to recognize bedbugs is after their giving of host blood. The concept is that blood will make the smaller ones turn red and the larges one similar to raspberry. With this in mind, the process of identifying and treating bed bugs is way a lot quicker. Another significant thing to consider is that these types of insects are most likely nocturnal, although some of them feed in the early morning so you may want to check in the center of the night if you suspect infestation.

Another good way to check for infestation would be to look for shed skins. Because bed bugs shed their exoskeleton because they grow, searching for these piles of skin will be easier since bed bugs pass 5 stages. You may want to check across the mattress seam, behind the head board, in the ceiling and wall junctions, and along the baseboards as these are the usual places where bed buds get rid of their skin.

Two other ways are to identify fecal spots and to search for bed bug aggregation. For fecal spots, bed bugs give off a semi-liquid black substance which will surely stain the area associated with infestation. Similarly, searching for aggregation is likely identical to searching fecal spots as bed bugs leave numerous fecal spots where they aggregate together following breeding. The best spot to look for these signs are along the mattress seam, on the wood frame of the bed, at electrical outlets, and in curtain seams.

Treating bed bugs is a difficult task, thus it is better to have preventive measures to avoid infestation. But when infestation is already there, you possess an array of options. Natural control using Black Walnut as well as Boric acid powder will surely decrease its population. Using chemical substances and insecticides is a faster way but will be more expensive. In the end, cleanliness is the best solution to this problem, not only treating bed bug infestations but also as a means of preventive measure.

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