Over the years the Animal fights have been one of the prime concerns for civilized society. Once began as protection of farm house and properties later taken a humiliating turn (by cruel mind of human) to a blood sport Animal fighting. Humans staged spectacles on Animal fights for money and entertainment. This was highly condemned as our civilization grown vigorously during the Victorian age. They claimed the ground of Ethics, Morality and Animal Well-beings. Still there are a handful of Animal Fights which are official in some particular places.

These are some of humans highlight-able cruel Animal Fighting/Baiting: Bullfighting, Cockfighting, Hare coursing, Hog-Baiting, Octopus Fighting, Dog Fighting and others. Man not even left the tiny creatures like Crickets and involved them in fights. These are commonly known as Blood sport and often raised opposing voice among the Animal rights people.

Because of consistent concern some of the Animal Fights have been taken some course of change. For example Bullfighting has been subjected to change and considered as a game of art. Previously they are tortured to fight with each other and slaughtered. Now a day this has come up with drastic change and in countries like Spain it was a traditional sport. A person (called as toreros in this sport) will interpret with the bull by his moves. Modern day version of this sport has prevented animal cruelty by putting the bullfighter “Toreros” in mighty danger. They perform their moves in the field very closely with the bull which puts their life in jeopardy. Chances of Toreros getting injured in every match are high and it is considered mundane in this sport. There is also worst possible outcome such as facing death at the horns of Bull. But still this spectator sports is considered as a sport of fine art. For a routine person entering the field of bullfighting is nigh thing to death. Just imagine the life of torero now.

The other Animal Fights such as cockfighting haven’t had any chance of makeover and are still continued as the same i.e., forcing two cocks fight with each other. Cockfighting has been come under hammer and issued illegality terms in almost every country around the world. But yet this animal fighting is outlawed in many Asian countries and even in Mexico for money. The animal welfare groups have strongly expressed their disapproval and raised their voice against this fight.

We say human’s best friend is Dog, but did we haven’t even left dogs for sanity. This Animal Fighting has been practiced over centuries across many countries. Constant concern over this has resulted in illegalization of sports in every country. Still there are countries like America where this Animal Fights have been carried out underground for gambling and money.

In some part of Asia there has been cricket fighting which was not carried for gambling but for the purest purpose of human entertainment. This sport has been issued with law of illegality to gamble but yet practiced for entertainment in many Asian countries like China.

Alongside the above there are plenty of Animal Fights carried out in underground for the human entertainment and mainly for money. The animal welfare movements are constantly opposing them with their best efforts.

Over the years the Animal fights have been one of the prime concerns for civilized society. Once began as protection of farm house and properties later taken a humiliating turn to a blood sport Animal fighting.

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