If you are a small or medium-sized business owner who wants to increase sales and profits but you can not find the time in order to pursue your strategies, a telephone answering service may give you much more answers than you could have imagined. Business gurus are fond of saying that you can solve most business problems with more sales. While thats an exaggeration, most of us would agree that adding more sales to the top collection makes solving most company problems easier. Its simple: more money in the till, more money to solve problems. However, the reality is that lots of entrepreneurs and business owners take more time on non-incoming producing activities than they do on revenue generation activities.

An answering service will help you grow your business both directly and indirectly by assigning more people and time to profit-building strategies, and can do so at a very economical price. Here are the top Three ways.

1.Increase Your Customer happiness 24 Hours a Day
An answering service is available 24 hours a day, and not just available, it can provide an efficient, friendly, live voice to your clients any time of day or night that they would like or need to call. We all know that people do not like automated tone of voice answering and voicemail methods. They are impersonal, uncaring, and often frustrating. Giving your clients a live person to talk with increases the likelihood of their own satisfaction and, importantly, their own willingness to recommend your company to another because of your good support. Plus, you never miss a phone call. You never miss an opportunity.

Two.Think Outside the Box together with your 24 Hour Answering Service
You can have the live operator answering your phone outlines sell more of the products and services you want to sell. All you have to do is write down a script of exactly what you want the owner to say and she can view this on her monitor every time a present or prospective client calls. The actual live operator can answer with your business name and follow with, for example, special pricing on air conditioners if youre an electrical contractor, discounted meal times if youre a cafe, newly arrived products within youre a retail store. And you can drive more callers to your Eight hundred or local phone numbers through advertising in newspapers or even on the Internet and having those numbers answered by live providers who take orders for your item or schedule appointments for the services.

3.Why pay a fully Salary when you can spend $100/month or less for well trained operators customized to your business?
Businesses pay hefty charges for employees. The true cost of each employee is more than the quantity of his paycheck. The loaded cost of an employee can often through up to 50% more than the paycheck. Employers must pay many income taxes on employee pay, and many employers also pay a specific amount for employees vacation, sick, and holiday time off. In addition, many employers pay a portion or all of an workers health and other benefits. The cost of an answering service is typically lower than the cost of putting a new phone line in and is a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist. Yet by having an answering service, you can have a group of sales people giving round-the-clock service to your current and prospective clients.

An answering service is a very strong value proposition for any growing company. Even if your business operates effectively with your people today, an answering service can, at a very cost-effective price, be incremental to that procedure, helping to increase your sales and customer numbers, expanding your business, and resulting in greater profits to you.

24 hr answering service

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