In today’s high pressure, high stress business world you have to be prepared to work very hard for every new client you get and then even harder to keep them. For years one of the best ways to secure inquiries from new clients was to give out vast quantities of numerous promotional gifts. The majority of these consisted of cheap ball point pens with your company logo and contact information printed on them.

Today you are going to find that if you are still relying on these pens; a few notepads and calendars, you and your company are going to be remembered almost as well as yesterday’s lunch. With the economy in such a state of recession, the competition for business in every sector is only getting harder and if you want people to remember who you are, the first thing you need to do is to be willing to step outside of the box and completely rethink your approach to the promotional items you use.

With a little research, you are going to find that even today’s promotional gifts have gone high tech. Instead of that cheesy ballpoint pen, your competitors are giving away USB flash pen drives which feature built in flash memory so that clients can use them to carry files and for a myriad of other purposes.

Where once the USB flash drive was a fairly expensive item that was kept for personal use or maybe issued only to those employees who had a need for them, the price of flash drives has come down to the point where they are practically inexpensive. In any one of their numerous forms, custom USB drives are now considered to be one of the hottest promotional items on the market.

USB flash drives are available in a variety of sizes starting at 8 MB and going as high as 32 GB or more, which should be plenty of storage space for just about anyone. You can pick different sizes for various purposes. For example you might want to arm your staff with the larger USB flash drives so that they can use them to carry their presentations with them as they visit your clients or put on training sessions as this gives them plenty of room for video as well graphic presentations.

However, the best use by far of the flash drive is as a promotional giveaway item. For years the only thing you could do with a ball point pen was have your company logo and contact information printed on them. With a custom USB drive, you can actually have the outer case molded to look just like your company logo or one of your products and then have your name and contact information printed on the outside of the case.

Imagine how much more memorable your company will be when you start giving out USB flash drives that are shaped like you newest product, molded in bright colors and emblazoned with your company name and logo. Since your clients are going to get a lot of use out of this particular type of promotional gift, they can’t help but be reminded of where it came from every time they go to use it. This is exactly what a good promotional gift is supposed to do.

If you absolutely feel the need to give away pens there is a solution that meets your desires and the needs of your clients at the same time. You can give away USB flash pen drives; these are the ultimate combination of the old school ball point pen and the new technology flash drive. Your client will be able to carry their files along with them and still have a pen to sign that lucrative contract you have been working on for weeks.

There is one more thing that you can do with custom flash drives that you cannot do with any other type of promotional gift. You can use them to present your clients with a digital copy of your latest product catalog. This way they will be able to browse your catalog on their computer at work or home, they can even look at it during the commute home one a laptop and then place their order directly through the embedded link.

At Custom USB we can create promotional flash drives for your company from the hundreds of different designs in our catalog and preload them for you or if you have your own ideas we will do our best to accommodate them. Give your clients something to remember you by with a custom USB flash memory drive.

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