The various symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome will be different for each child. There’s no need for panic if you notice any of these symptoms in your child, however, as there are effective treatments available. Recognizing the condition early is important, though, because children with Asperger’s do need special attention. So watch for the following symptoms which are common in children with Asperger’s.

Learning how to crawl or walk at a late age is one symptom of Aspergers. They are likely to exhibit an odd or unusual way of walking that seems off balance. They also typically have difficulty with many motor skills and motions, though doctors cannot find a physical explanation for this. Children with Aspergers often have difficulty with many activities that are normal for most kids, such as playing ball, riding on a bicycle or rollerskating. This tends to alienate these kids from normal social activities such as games or sports. This is only one symptom of Aspergers in children, but by itself it doesn’t mean your child has this disorder. The way Aspergers is diagnosed is by noticing a child has many symptoms, as one by itself can mean many things. Ordinary things that kids with Aspergers have a hard time with are solving dilemmas, order or planning. This could be visible at home, or might first start to be a matter when the child enrolls in school. Even supposing kids with Aspergers are usually pretty smart, they might have a strange or evidently irrational method for doing a lot of daily activities. This may make it hard for them to finish their homework, clean their rooms, or keep an appointment. At times, this leads to parents or teachers incorrectly construing that the kid is slow or has a low aptitude. In order to aid children who possess this syndrome of Asperger’s, it’s essential to figure out how their minds work and aid them in advancing their abilities which are crucial in the everyday world.

Parents of children with Aspergers may notice at a young age that their children don’t like to be touched. This is upsetting for the parents, especially those aren’t familiar with the symptoms of Asperger’s. Asperger’s is a high functioning form of autism and the dislike for being touched is typical for autistic children. However, this is not the case in all children with Asperger’s who in some cases may touch people in ways that appear strange. They may also stand closer or further away from others than is normal because their sense of personal space is different. Because the symptoms of Asperger’s can vary so much from one child to the next, it is important to take each case individually.

There are quite a few symptoms of Aspergers, and we’ve only had space to talk about some of them. There are many effective treatments for children with Aspergers that can help to manage their more difficult symptoms and teach them skills to relate to others. The first step, however, is to be sure you know what is going on with your child, so you should have someone qualified determine if Aspergers is the problem or not.

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