Back Pain Muscle Spasms are no fun. Back Pain is common cause of worry for many people. But it may be occurring because of any type injury to the back. In case of such injury the body mechanism attempts to protect the back from injury. This protective response is not voluntary. The muscle spasm means the muscle fibers are contracted as a reaction to the injury or inflammation.

Back pain muscle spasms give indication of the damage to the vertebrae, discs or ligaments. The cause of muscle spasms can be sudden injury to spinal cord or the muscles and tissue around it. If there is any irritation or nerve compression as a result of any other problem, muscle spasm may occur.

The muscle spasms may give acute pain around the area of injury. The contracted muscles result in tremendous muscle tightening. This normally happens in cycles and it lasts for few seconds or minutes. After a particular activity this symptoms are seen. They are reduced after some time of rest.

The back pain muscle spasms are treated in a traditional way assuming there is no serious injury to the spinal cord and vertebrae. It is always advised to contact your doctor immediately to get a relief from the pains. You may experience the changes in the bowl and bladder movement. You may feel unstable while walking. Sometimes numbness and
Pain is faced in arms and legs. You may have to struggle the pain while lying down and you night may be sleepless. Fever and weight loss is also experienced by some people.

If you are facing any of these problems with the back pain then it is better to consult the specialist. If you are facing only back pain because of muscle spasms, you can do something on your own and the pain is reduced and inflammation is also reduced.

It is difficult but definitely helpful to keep your routine activities going on. You may need to do it at a slower pace. If any particular activity results in increasing pains then you should avoid it. Just resting in bed will not help much. On the other hand light activity encourages the faster recovery.

Ice helps to prevent inflammation. The ice packed in cloth can be applied to the inflamed area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. This can be repeated several times in a day. Though ice helps to reduce swelling, it may give numbness to tissues if applied for more than 20 minutes at a time. So take care of not to extend it above 20 minutes. Extra time may result in more tightening of muscles and inflamed tissues.

Once the ice application is done, you can use hot water application after first three days. It helps to reduce tightening muscles once the inflammation is gone. Heat should be made moist rather than dry one. You can use heating pad or hot water shower or even Jacuzzi.
Massage therapy is the helpful to improve the blood circulation. It can give relief from stress.

After recovery from the back pain muscle spasms stretches are advised which is useful to improve the flexibility.

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