Back Rib Pain can sure be painful. And some 80% of people face back pain at some time or other in their life.

Back pain happens because of many causes. It may be because of poor posture, overwork or sudden injury. Sometimes the back pain is experienced with chest pain also. That time it may be examined whether it is back rib pain.

Rib back pain’s symptoms are pain when we sneeze. Ribs are connecting to the backside vertebrae with ligaments. When these connections are not tight or they are weakened then person may face the pain which is because of movement of ribs. This is known as Slipping rib syndrome.

Rib back pain is felt in the below the shoulder line. Pain in chest is also experienced which causes difficulty while breathing. If it is acute then it can be misunderstood as heart attack.

Causes of rib back pain are common: working with the computers for long period every day without any change of activity. The sitting posture is not correct and getting injury in accidents or sports.

If you do not care for rest and go on working and exerting your muscles and joints, these joints of vertebrae and rib may be dislocated slightly. They may be painful. It is difficult to bear such sharp pain. The rib back pain causing as a result of bad habits of sitting, posture can be treated easily. First the medication for immediate relief is given and then the regular exercises with massage, electric hot and cold applications are helpful.

If you are facing the vertebrae dislocation problem then it will take time to heal it. For these same treatments of hot and cold applications, massage with exercises is recommended. Sometimes bed rest is also advised.

In any case the patient should not be given too many medicines. Drugs like aspirin give temporary relief from pain but they are unable to remove the basic cause of the pain. The pain killers also have some side effects on other function of the body. People are tempted to use these drugs when they face rib back pain. But it is not good thing to do because it affects your body adversely.

The immediate action should be to go to doctor and verify the cause of rib back pain. Sometimes it may not be related to back pain. It is something else that needs more attention.

The doctor will ask you many questions about the rib back pain such as when did it start, was it there always. He asks you to describe the pain, the intensity, recurrence, pain felt in other parts of body. He may physically examine and ask about the exact location of the pain. You have to tell whether the pain is increasing at the time of breathing deeply, whether you had an injury to the chest.

A doctor may need to study your habits while working in office and at home. The final diagnosis can be done with the help of Chest X-ray and Bone Scan.
The exercise is helpful for everybody if it is done in a right way. Back pain exercises are one part of your routine. It is beneficial for you as they prevent back pain symptoms with other advantages. When the back pain is chronic, recovery is fast only with the right type of exercise. Some back pain problems like lower back pain and back pain muscle spasms can be resolved only with the exercises. As the painkillers are not recommended on a daily basis, the back pain exercises are the one and only one solution of back pain.

For more information, take a look at youth ministry sermon and see the bible online.

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