From your vast experience through the years we have discovered that most bar/bat mitzvah age kids will go to a lot of parties and will receive a lot of party favors it really is hard to make yours stand out and be used. If you would like the opt to remain and used the very first thing you have to do is keep it simple when you choose what to imprint on the item. An imprint such as this




Sept. 10, 2009

almost guarantees that the item will discover a permanent spot at the end of the kids closet otherwise the garbage when they go back home. A good alternative could be

“DGs Party Rocked”


It is usually smart to make use of a numeral date like we show above versus writing it.

Theres nothing wrong with adding some artwork to the image, but when again, remember they are very status conscious 13 year old kids, who wont use anything that means they are look anything but cool. A reliable party favor specialist will be able to have their graphic artist create something which is subtle, yet interesting enough to appeal to the 13 year old mind. The complete worst reaction you can have is defined an image of the child on the party favor. No one uses it and the chances are that if anyone does use it, it will likely be simply because they have drawn a mustache or beard on the picture and they think it is funny. Not quite the way you want you childs special day to become remembered.

Another thing to bear in mind when imprinting is the more colors you use the more costly the product is going to be. The look may look really cool in five colors however the cost might get prohibitive. Again a reliable party favor specialist will be able to create something only using one color, some halftones plus incorporating the colour from the item into the design that can make it feel like more the other color but not add to your main point here.

The imprint is equally as important as exactly what the item you decide on is. We recently had someone order beach towels, which is a great party favor especially where they were located and particularly since summer was right around the corner. Then they imprinted “I (picture of a heart) Mark” on the towel. They took a great item that definitely would have been used and made it directly into something which will seldom be utilized. Can you make a boy lying on the beach having a towel with that design imprinted on it. Prior to deciding what to imprint, ask your 13 years old, if they received this as a party favor with another persons name within the imprint would they use it, when they say no, dont do it.

Size also matters when you are performing your imprint. On some items it is usually better to go for the subtle look rather then the maximized imprint. For example should you be carrying out a mug theres nothing wrong with making the imprint as big as possible, of course you are limited by the size of the mug, but it is really an item where Id maximize the imprint. But however there are several bags with 8″ x 8 imprint areas otherwise bigger, if you were to maximize the size on the imprint we suggested above, it would be overkill and in all likelihood once more could be something that a 13 year wouldnt use.

Once you finally decided on things to imprint on your party favor, take it to the next level and utilize that imprint on your cocktail napkins as well. Its a nice touch that can make your cocktail hour much more special and is comparatively cheap.

To summarize:
1 – Be subtle.
2 – Dont ever imprint you childs full name.
3 – Always try to use numbers for that date, dont write it out.
4 – Never make use of your childs picture on your imprint.
5 – Try to keep the number of colors you utilize in any artwork down to cut costs.
6 – Dont imprint something since you believe it is cute, generally the kids wont think so and your item will not be used.
7 – Bigger isnt necessarily better when picking out the size of your imprint.
8 – Utilize your imprint on your cocktail napkins.
9 – Remember they are 13 years old kids and not appearing like a nerd is essential to them.

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