Personal hygiene is of uttermost importance if you want to lead a healthy life. When it comes to cleaning yourself while using a restroom, many people think it ok to wipe your backside with toilet paper. But they don’t know is that it’s simply not possible to cleanse and sanitize the delicate area completely with toilet paper which leaves it prone to bacterial attacks. Bidet NY is ideal solution to this problem where high pressure cleaning is done using water jet shot through a high pressure nozzle. Thankfully, Bidets NY are becoming more and more popular in the Unites States, as people are realising how important it is to clean with water for better hygiene.

There are many types of bidets like the most basic ceramic Basin Type Bidet which is fitted alongside toilet. It operates with water gushing upwards to wash you while you sit on the toilet seat. Then there are plastic made Simple Bidet Seat attachments which are fixed on your existing toilet and don’t take much space and do their job quiet efficiently. Electronic Bidet NY seat attachments are the most advanced ones and operate on electricity. It has some very interesting features like retractable telescopic wash nozzles, warm and cold water washing, warm air dry, seat heating systems, adjustable washing positions etc.

If your profession demands that you should always be on move, then there is Portable bidet for you. It is very easy to carry portable bidet as it can fit easily in your luggage without taking much space and assures you of hygienic cleansing after using the washroom which is far better than what toilet paper can provide. These portable bidets have almost all the features like warm water supply, comfortable to sit on, etc. It comes handy when you have kids with you along with providing protection against hemorrhoids problems, infections and itching.

In fact the benefits of bidet NY are such that once you use it, you will not like to use toilet paper again. Check out the latest models of Portable bidet along with detailed instructions of installations at

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