It can often be quite hard to combine comfort and style when choosing chairs. More often than not, great looking chairs can turn out to be extremely uncomfortable. Alternatively, you may find a chair that is the most comfortable thing in the world, but it looks appalling! The development of modern architecture and furniture was significantly helped by the American designers, Charles and Ray Eames. They entirely reformed the public’s view on furniture, creating a wide range that would combine style with luxurious comfort. The original design of these chairs was made from leather and shaped plywood and remakes that are available nowadays can range from lounge chairs to office chairs.

An Eames chair, being both stylish and durable, was created to be used as an indoor and an outdoor chair. It is more common nowadays however, to use the chairs indoors to relax, or even for everyday use within an office.

Eames office chairs (part of the Aluminium Group) are more commonly available in leather or mesh and are often wheeled for easy accessibility and full functionality both around the home and in an office environment. Back when the chairs were originally created, mesh was used as the chosen material due to the fact that the chairs could be used outside and therefore, they required a substance that could not be easily damaged. However, when it became more popular to use the chairs inside, this allowed designers the opportunity to play around with the materials, so more modern forms of mesh and fabric upholstery were tested. But probably the most famous material used in modern society (and the one we all think of when we picture an Eames office chair) is leather. The leather office chairs are available in a variety of colours including black, white, green and red. Also, to provide you with more choice, all chairs are available with a high or low back.

A lot of our time is spent in the workplace and it’s therefore important to make sure that you are sitting on a chair that provides comfort to you individually. A common cause of back pain is repetitive strain injury and the chances of this occurring can be reduced significantly simply by investing in good office chairs. RSI may not seem all that threatening when it first starts, but if it were to cause you back pain, this would lead to significant problems for you, limiting your ability to move as easily as you would have done before.

With a five-star pedestal base, an Eames office chair is extremely grounded leaving no cause for concern that it will topple over under strain. The height of the chair itself can be easily adjusted by using its pneumatic safety spring and its built-in mechanism enables it to be tilted for that extra comfort. As well as the comfort aspect of an Eames office chair, the practicality perspective also comes into play. For instance, some people can often worry that a chair’s wheels may cause damage to a carpet. With an Eames office chair however, this needn’t be an issue; hard castors are built onto all the chairs allowing them to be suitable for use on all carpets.

An Eames office chair will keep you comfortable, whilst giving off an air of professionalism at the same time. A number of Eames office chairs seated around the table in a boardroom for instance would look particularly striking and impressive.

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Eames chairs for your office

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